The Performance tab allows you to enhance the performance of the system.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

Click on the Performance tab to display the page as follows:

The table below explains the function of each parameter:

SettingFunctionDefault Value
Enable Simple Search

This parameter improves search performance by eliminating field level access rights from the security calculations. When this option is set to enabled, the system will process search requests by eliminating field permission calculations: this has shown to improve search speed, in some cases by several seconds. This new search mode works by populating a new table and index in the database to improve text field searching.

If you are using field level access rights, do not enable Simple Search.

In order for this function to work the Soutron Task service must be running, otherwise the new index will not be created or updated.

Search result sort sizeIf your database is very large, then you can set a more reasonable size by changing the sort size. Any searches that then return more results than the number specified will sort by CID only rather than the pre-defined sort you may have set up.


Amendments Tree Nodes CountNumber of nodes loaded by default100
Amendments Tree Expanded Levels CountExpand by default x levels of the tree
Tree loading Request LimitMax items to load at once. To ensure a smoother loading of the tree without slowing the page/site down.80