The Common tab relates to global settings that generally apply throughout the system.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

When you initially access System Configuration, the Common settings page displays as follows:

The table below explains the function of each parameter:

SettingFunctionDefault valueArea of the system
Next Temp BorrowerGenerates an automatic number for temporary borrowers created for manual loans[next number]Loans
Manual Loan Barcode PrefixOptional prefix added to the barcodes for manual loans, to differentiate them from standard barcodes{none}Loans
Manual Loan Barcode Next NumberGenerates an automatic barcode number for manual loans[next number]Loans
[Work Unit] Display Text
Office & DepartmentDisplay
[Work Unit] Concatenation Divider
[Work Unit] Include Space in Concatenation
Circa PrefixThe prefix that is to appear in front of complex dates in the full record, to indicate that the date is approximate~Fields
Circa Search RangeThe number of years either side of which will be included in a complex date search. For example, a catalogue record with a circa date of 2002 and the number of years defined as 6, will be found if the user searches any dates from 1996 to 2008.6Fields
Circa SuffixThe prefix that is to appear after a complex date in the full record, to indicate that the date is approximate~Fields
Publication Date Max YearThe latest publication date that the system can search for2100Fields
Publication Date Min YearThe earliest publication date that the system can search for1500Fields
Skip Single Search ResultIf only 1 record is returned from a search, determines whether it is shown in the search results table, or skips immediately to the full recordYesSearching
Number Of Digits In PIN
Enter the number of digits that constitute the user's PIN number, which is used in the self-loans module, and defined in the User record.4Users
[Search] Show Advanced SearchFor the OPAC, determines whether the user sees the advanced search by defaultNoOPAC
No Date TextThe text that is to appear in the full record, to indicate that the item has no date in a complex date fieldNo DateFields
A subscription gets status "Expiring" when difference between its End date and Current date is less than or equal to these daysWhen the difference between the subscription end date and the current date is less than or equal to the days set, the status of the subscription is changed to "Expiring"30Serials
A period for viewing last created catalogue recordsIn My Account (old), when showing recent catalogue records - the number of days for which records are included10My Account
Publish new catalogue record
Whether newly created catalogue records are automatically Published or notYesCataloguing
Include Records without copiesWhether records without copies are automatically included in Admin search or not (they are always automatically included in the OPAC search)YesSearching
Message Panel PositionWhere on the screen messages are to appear: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom RightBottom RightGeneral
Message Panel WidthWidth of the message panel300General
Use suggestion for library staffWhether or not suggestions appear as you type in thesaurus fields in the OPAC search screenYesSearching
Number of days for calculating default expected payment dateThe number of days from today, to be used for the expected payment date in Orders10Acquisitions
Determines whether Volumes will be included in search resultIf Volume Control is being used, this setting determines whether volume records are searchable. Only set this to Yes if you will catalogue the volumes with more data than just "Volume 1", ie with a title as well. If only the volume number is provided, set this to No. Note that if it is set to Yes, searching in the Title field for the master title and volume number will not return any records, as they are searched separately. However, in the search results it will show the master title as a concatenation.YesSearching
Default Overdue EmailEnter the default library email address (defined in System Management > Infrastructure > Library Maintenance) so that for overdues where the user does not have their own email address, the library gets a single aggregated email for all overdues per overdue level{none}Overdues
Catalogue Statistics Max Session Duration (min.)Defines the length of a session in minutes on a Shared PC, for the purpose of calculating catalogue view statistics15General
Enable user authentication by query stringIf user authentication is to be enabled by passing a URL rather than user logon, select Yes. This allows a username and encrypted password to be passed to the application in a URL, which can be used for auto login.NoAuthentication
Show Shared Searches By Default
This relates to the display when selecting Saved Searches on the search screen: select Yes to display Shared Searches by default; selecting No shows System Reports by defaultYesSaved Searches
Use min fine settingWhere a user is assigned to more than one User Group which have different fine rates assigned, if this setting is ticked, the fine will be calculated as for the lowest fine rateNoUsers
Statistics Visible Items CountDefines the number of Content Types and Record Types (separately) that appear on the welcome panel5General
Enable Label PrintingDetermines whether the label printing function is enabled in the system; if No is selected, at present this means that the Label Printing options are not shown in the Locations screen. The menus will still be available.YesLabel Printing
Task Center Processing CultureThis ensures that the system uses English (GB) and English (GB) date formats in emails that are sent out by tasks. If you are in North America this should be changed to en-USen-GBGeneral
Default office to Select

This relates to the Print Labels Queue and determines which office is shown in the Print Queue window. The default, CurrentUserOffice, means that it will show the office of the user who is logged in. The other options are:

  • SystemDefaultOffice
  • AllOffices 
CurrentUserOfficePrint Labels
Traverse Down Term Hierarchy

If this is set to Yes, if you search for Term A it will return catalogue records with Term A and all catalogue records with Term A1, A2, A3, A4 (Narrower Terms). However, if you search for Term A3 then it will only find records with Term A3 and A4 (narrower).

If this is set to No, records will be returned ONLY for the term specified.

Show Rich Text Field ToolTip
Suggestion RecordsThe number of records that are shown when searching a field with suggestion enabled10Searching
Available Page SizesThe options for the number of records to be displayed per page in the search results - adjust this as required10,30,50Display
Grid Row CountThe default number of records returned in search results50Searching
Brand NAME
Show relevance rank in percents
Allow Guest User Term Creating
Add catalogue to basket automatically
Calendar Years Range Selection
Remote Soutron Authentication Service URL

SaveUserFolderPathLengthThis denotes the length of the folder path that can be set when uploading the files for import50Importing
WatermarkImageThis allows you to upload an image file that will be used to watermark images stored in the database
Request Notification FieldsThese fields will be used in the request confirmation emails; the values should be separated by commasShelf Reference, CIDRequests
Enable User ProfilesThis enables the Skills User Profile menuYesUsers
User Profiles Record TypeThis lets you choose which Record Type to use when entering user profile dataSkillsUsers
Export Report Footer HeightThe height of the report footer, measured in pixels700Export Reports
Enable Ip AuthenticationSelect Yes to enable IP Authentication for the systemYesAuthentication
Catalogue User Reference FieldThis is used to link user accounts to user profile
UrValidationRegExThis expression allows non-HTTP or HTTP URLs to be entered. Its default value allows Work Site CMS URL.[a-z]{3,5}://([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(/[\w- ./?%&=]*)?Authentication
User Search FieldsThe following fields can be filled in to search for Admins in 'User Search'UserFirstName, UserSurname, UserFullName, UserBarcode, UserImportedBorrowerID, UserShortCode, UserEmailUsers
Send Credentials for the New User
Selecting 'Yes' will send an email to manually created new usersYesUsers
Send Credentials for imported UserSelecting 'Yes' will send an email to newly created users that have been importedNoUsers
Enable Claims Module
This enables the Claims Module: this must be done to allow the Claims module to be usedNoSerials
Folder to ImportThis is the default folder used for selecting files to import
Folder to Move Imported Documents
Processed import files will be moved here
Enable Manually created record Duplication CheckSelecting 'Yes' will enable duplicate detection for manually created recordsNoCataloguing
Search Claim Items ByDefines which catalogue fields are available in the search box in Claims Maintenance; the fields should be separated by commasTitle, ISSN, ISBNSerials
Duplicate Detection Match (%)The percentage of a record that defines whether or not the record is a duplicate; 100% would define a perfect match90Cataloguing
OPAC Site URLThe base URL for the Portalhttp://SITE/LibraryPortal
Exif tool fields list argumentsUsed when extracting data from attachments during import. Should only be changed if advised by Soutron support-listx -charset UTF8Import
Exif tool read files argumentsUsed when extracting data from attachments during import. Should only be changed if advised by Soutron support
Loan Metadata Suggest Field GroupUsed by new loans module function allowing linking of catalogue records to a loan record. This defines the suggestion lookup group used to find the catalogue record.
Missing Cover ImageImage which is shown in record view and RSS feed when no book cover image is available. It is also necessary to enable the Enable book cover empty image option in OPAC Maintenance.
Include deleted records in the suggestionAllows deleted records to be included in suggestion searches on main search screenNoSearch
Resized image width (px)Size images in the database will be re-sized to
Allow Renewal if Fines ExistAllows renew option in My Account on portal if fines existNoMy Account
Enable Record Relation DescriptionAllows a description to be set and displayed for related records in the portalNoCataloguing
Email validation expressionAllows for new and custom domain names to be set in the system for example^[a-zA-Z0-9.!#$%&'*+/=?^_`{|}~-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9](?:[a-zA-Z0-9-]{0,61}[a-zA-Z0-9])?(?:\.[a-zA-Z0-9](?:[a-zA-Z0-9-]{0,61}[a-zA-Z0-9])?)*$Users
File name validation expressionvalidates file names^[^ \\/:*?""<>|]+([ ]+[^ \\/:*?""<>|]+)*$Cataloguing
Amendment Tree Sorting (Document Type:asc:n+)Allows sort orders to be defined for amendment tree in portal
Google Analytics Tracking IDEmbeds google analytics tracking code into the portal for use with your own Google account. Read more here
Terms of service URL  Display your own terms of use to users, or use our basic terms of use.
Allow copy request without copyAllow users to request items even if no copy exists.NoRequests
Marc Import Strip DataRemoves punctuation from Marc records when importing via AutoCat if enabledNoImport
Allow Search Engine IndexingEnables Robots file for site which only allows Search engines to index portal content, contact the helpdesk for custom settings.YesGeneral
Thesaurus Name for Look Up SuggestionName of thesaurus used for Classification Lookup
Overdue Notification Item ColumnsList of fields which are included in overdue notification item table. Field order is also the order they are displayed in email table.Barcode;Title;Location;DueDate;FinesLoans
Thumbnail Max SizeSet the maximum size of images when displaying the thumbnail in portal views.250Portal
Application Policy URLCustom URL for Privacy Policy in Portal/Admin
Max depth of the treeSets Max levels to a hierarchy tree view.20Portal
Inline File Browse Extensions

Defines which filetypes should open within the browser instead of downloading.

N.B. This can vary based on browser support.



Loaners Return Notification ColumnsFields to be included in Loan return request notification emailtitle;barcode;location;itemdetail;duedateLoans
Requester Copy Available Notification ColumnsFields included in notification to user that title is now available.title;locationRequests
Items included in Nearly-due listNumber of days that count as 'nearly due' after viewing my account via pre-overdue email notification.3Loans
Catalogue Edit Lock Timeout (min)

Catalogue edit locks are automatically cleared after X minutes

N.B. Applies only to Submission module currently.

Enable User notes in LoansWhen enabled if a users record contains data in the notes field a small red icon will display for each user when searching during the loan process. Applies to New Loan page only.YesLoans