Select Loans and the menu Reservations is available to process all requests and reservations.

There are four sections to the Reservations function: 

This shows all the active requests that require attention 

Displays Items that have been processed and the Delivery Type is set to Collection. This applies to Loan, Photocopy or View to Book requests 

This tab is visible only when Book to View requests are being used 

Provides list of all historical requests and provides the ability to re-activate requests that have been previously cancelled. 

Filters can be applied to limit the Requests displayed in the form. These are:


Select from a drop down list All, Available, Unavailable

Processing Office

Lists the offices set up on the system and allows selection of either All Offices or a single Office. 

Request Type 

Select from the drop down list: All Types, Loans, Photocopy Requests, Supply a Copy Request, View Requests

Active Requests and Reservations can be processed in a variety of ways. These include use of the following functions:


A request must be selected and the copy of the item to be provided must be identified by selecting the barcode number of the item from the list of available copies.  


Reservations and Requests can be cancelled at any time by selecting the appropriate records using the tick box and selecting Cancel


Reservations and Requests can be exported into a CSV file for download, printed, or emailed. 

Address Labels can also be printed for items that are to be sent to an End User