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The Options tab relates to settings that determine policies or treatment of content and / or the display of records in the OPAC. All changes are effected in real time.

When you click on the Options tab, the page displays as follows:


The table below explains the function of each setting:

SettingModule affectedFunctionApplies to (users)Default value

Enter the name of the theme, which defines the appearance for the OPAC. If nothing is specified, the default Soutron theme will be used.

At present, themes need to be created by Soutron.

Default Submission Notification EmailDocument SubmissionThe library email address to which notification of document submissions will be sent, unless individual library email address have been defined in the Notification Emails tab. [none]
Show Submit Document Menu LinkDocument SubmissionDetermines whether the option to submit documents will be shown on the OPAC menu. No
Default Address TypeRequestsFrom the drop-down list, select whether the default address type in the Request Wizard will be Home, Work or Office. [none]
Default OfficeGeneralIf no default office is assigned, when the user accesses the application for the first time, they will see the office and language selection screen. Define a default office to prevent this. [none]
Default Display LanguageGeneralThe default language of the application (English) is automatically assigned to an OPAC. To allow users to select the language in the office and language selection screen, change this to [Select value]. English
Show Guest User login pop-upRequests

If you allow Guest users (ie those who do not have to log in to the application initially) and allow them to make requests, if a user tries to make a request, they will be prompted to log in or enter their email address. To turn this off, set this to No. Either way, the user will be asked to enter their contact details. This will create a temporary borrower in the User module.

If you are allowing Guest access for Copy Requests it is recommended that you leave this set to Yes to prevent a user borrowing more items than they are allowed.

Show Content and Record Types SelectionSearchDetermines whether the Content and Record Types selection box appears in the search screen or not Yes
Default Request Processing OfficeRequestsFrom the drop-down list, select the office which will be the default for processing requests from this OPAC. [None]
Show Request Processing Office SelectionRequestsLeave this option as No to hide the ability for users to see which office will be processing the requests; select Yes to show it. No
Guest User Email MandatoryRequestsLeave this option as Yes if Guest users have to enter an email address when making a request; select No if not, in which case telephone will be mandatory. Yes
Show Preferred Delivery Method SelectionRequestsIf you do not allow users to choose their delivery method for requests, use this option to how or hide it in the Request Wizard screen. Yes
Show user notes in Request WizardRequests

This option applies only to Supply a Copy requests.

Leave this option as Yes to allow the user to enter a note at the end of the address section when making a request. This information appears in the Supply a Copy notification email but NOT in Request Maintenance.

Set this option to No for all other request types.

Use SuggestionSearchDetermines whether the Use Suggestion option is turned on for text and rich text fields and Field Groups that have Suggestion enabled No
Use Thesaurus Selection SearchSearchDetermines whether the Thesaurus selection search box appears in the search screen or not No
Use Thesaurus Selection Search in iframeSearchThis is no longer used in the application and can be ignored No
Reviews and Ratings ActiveSearchDetermines whether Reviews and Ratings are active or not for this OPAC, if you have a licence for this module. If this is enabled, it is available for all users of this OPAC. No
Show Office SelectionSearchDetermines whether the Office selection box appears in the search screen or not Yes
Enable Summary Catalogue viewSearch

Determines whether, from the search results table, the user then sees the Summary and Locations screen for a record or goes straight to the full record in this OPAC.

This does not apply to Library staff, as they do not see the Summary and Locations screen.


If you use the ?catsummaryview=xxxx url to access records in the OPAC from an external source then this must be left on, as this function is not yet available for Full Record View.

If this setting is turned off, it overrides the OPAC Summary settings in Field Maintenance (old).


OPAC Summary is generally no longer used. When you do a search and see your results, you can set the system so that when you click on a record you would see a summary of the record rather than the full record. Then you would have to click again to see the full record. By default the system is no longer set up to use it.

Show local copies only by defaultSearchDetermines whether the Summary and Locations screen shows only local copies by default or not. Users can toggle between seeing all copies or only copies from their local office. No
Show Locations on full recordSearchDetermines whether the locations appear on the full record screen as well as on the OPAC Summary & Locations screen.



Expand Volume Copies by defaultSearchIn Locations screens the volumes will automatically open in expanded view when this is set to Yes. No
Allow request noteRequests  Yes
Allow Submission ReviewDocument Submission  Yes
Show catalogue statisticsSearchTo hide the statistics box on the left hand window when viewing a catalogue record, select No. Yes
Show user name for loaned itemsSearch

Determines whether or not OPAC users can see the borrower name for items which are on loan.


Having this turned on has the potential to result in your loans data being incorrect as users could take items from people's rooms without their knowledge and result in items going missing. In some organisations this could be seen as a breach of data protection, so please check this before enabling your OPAC end users to see this information.

It is highly recommended that this option is set to No as otherwise it reduces the efficiency of loans management.

Enable RSSSearchDetermines whether or not RSS is enabled: this gives you the ability to set up and subscribe to feeds from the catalogue. No
Enable two lines search result gridSearchDetermines whether or not an additional line of fields displays underneath the first row in the search results table. No
Enable Reviews and Ratings from ALL OPACsReviews & RatingsDetermines whether or not Reviews and Ratings can be shown on all OPACs, providing the correct access permissions are in place for users.



Include Dependent Records By DefaultSearchDetermines whether or not amendments are included in the search by default.



Hide Search Result Sorting Settings ControlSearchDetermines whether or not logged-in OPAC users can sort search results as they wish; library staff always have this option.OPACNo
Show Include Dependent Records checkboxSearch

Determines whether or not the "Include Dependent Records" checkbox is shown on the search screen, thus whether or not the user has a choice about amendments being included in the search.



Enable search of attachments in All Fields SearchSearch

Enables the tick box to determine whether or not the text of amendments are included in the All Fields search.



Enable search of attachments by defaultSearchDetermines whether or not the text of attachments are included in the search by default.



Protect Record Images From DownloadingSearch  No
Submission User Telephone mandatoryDocument Submission  Yes
Submission User First Name mandatoryDocument Submission  Yes
Submission User Surname mandatoryDocument Submission  Yes
Submission User Email mandatoryDocument Submission  Yes
Use Default Advanced Search ScreenSearch  Yes
Use Default Advanced Thesaurus SearchSearch  Yes
Show Boolean Operators On SearchSearch

Determines whether or not the Boolean operators are included on the search screen or not.



Show "Search By Value Existence" For OPAC usersSearch

Determines whether or not logged-in OPAC users can search for records where fields are either empty or contain data, where this has been enabled in Field Maintenance (old); library staff always have this option.

Show "Allow Related Terms" On SearchSearch

Determines whether or not searches in thesaurus fields have the tick box option to also retrieve records which have been tagged with related terms



Enable CollectionsSearchDetermines whether or not Collections (old) can be used in this OPAC



Include records with related terms in search resultSearchDetermines whether or not searches in thesaurus fields also retrieve records which have been tagged with related terms.



Enable HighlightingSearchEnables the highlighting of words or phrases that you have searched for, in search results and full record displays Yes
Enable CopyrightsRequestsEnables copyright protection on file and image downloads Yes
Default Phone TypeSearchSets the default phone type in user records [Select value]
Default Delivery Method
SearchSets the default delivery method for requests: select Collection or Send from the drop-down list [Select value]
Show New Action in panelsSearchEnables the new search button Yes
Enable OPAC Save SearchSearchEnables saved searches No
Use/hide advanced controls:SearchIf set to NO advanced controls will be displayed on the portal advanced search page by default.  
Enable Record EnquireCatalogue   
Application base URLSystemThe URL for the LMS, in the format http://servername/virtualdirectoryname, eg The virtual directory is usually "Library" but may not always be.  
Allow guest accessUsersIf Set to No users must login before being presented with a Search screen  
OPAC base URLSystemThe URL for the Portal, in the format http://servername/virtualdirectoryname, eg The virtual directory will be "Portal"  
Book to view max daysRequestsIf using Book to View function for requests you can set the number of days ahead of the current date a user can select for the viewing  
Enable book cover empty imageCatalogueIf no book cover is available this default image can be applied to provide a more consistent look to your full record displays  
Field Specific Include Narrower Terms selected by defaultSearchWill include narrower terms when searching thesaurus fields  
Show field specific Include Narrower terms for End UsersSearchWill show an option for users to de-select at time of search. Works in conjunction with above option.  
Show Narrower Terms checkbox for Roled users in All Fields SearchSearchIf Set to Yes a checkbox will be shown under the all fields search box to allow users assigned a role to include narrower terms in all field searches  
Admin portal base URLSystemThe URL for the Portal, in the format http://servername/virtualdirectoryname, eg The virtual directory will be "Admin"  

Completing the process


When you have finished, click Save in the Actions menu, or Save and Close to return to the list of OPACs.

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