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This section describes how End Users use the Self Issue function to return items directly in the application.


Note that the Returns option is enabled in System Configuration Maintenance.


The Self Issue screen displays as follows:



The user clicks the Return Items button to switch to the returns screen:


Note that if the system is inactive for a specified period of time, it will revert to this screen. The period of inactivity is defined in System Configuration Maintenance.

The End User can return items in one of two ways:
enter or scan the barcode of the item to be returned if there are only one or two items to return

Return a specific item

The End User either scans or manually enters the barcode of the item to be returned and clicks Search.

The return is confirmed as shown below: 


This can be repeated for each time to be returned, but if there are several items to return, it is quicker to use the method below.

Return by entering End User details

The End User enters their surname or User ID and clicks Search.

If a PIN number is required, a pop-up window appears:


The End User enters the PIN number (which will have been assigned in the User record) and clicks OK.

All the End User's loans are displayed:

The End User can now renew or return any item by clicking the relevant button next to it.

The screen shows what has been done with each item:

To clear the screen ready for the next person, the End User clicks the Start Again button, or waits for it to time out.

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