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This section describes how End Users might use the Self Issue function to loan items to themselves using the application.

The Self Issue screen displays as follows:


Note that if the system is inactive for a specified period of time, it will revert to the starting screen. The period of inactivity is defined in System Configuration Maintenance.

 The process to loan an item is a two step process. 

Identifying the End User

The end user is required to enter their surname or User ID and is prompted to click Search.

If multiple user records are found

If more than one user is found, a list of matching users is displayed:

If a PIN number is required

 The user clicks the blue button next to the required name.

If a PIN number has been set up by the System Administrator to be required (this is defined in System Configuration Maintenance), a pop-up window appears:

The user enters the PIN number (which will have been assigned in the User record) and clicks OK.

Identifying the item(s) to be loaned

The End User is now able to enter the barcode of the item to be loaned:

The End User scans the barcode on the item in which case the system completes the loan transaction and waits to receive the next bar code for a second item. 

Or if there are no bar codes assigned to items, the End User has to manually enter the barcode of the item to be loaned and then has to click the Loan button

The loaned item is then displayed:

These steps are repeated for each item to be loaned.

When the End User has finished,  the I have finished button can be clicked or the screen will time out and automatically return to the Starting Screen 

Items without barcodes

If the item to be borrowed has no barcode, the user can click If no barcode click here, if it has been enabled in System Configuration Maintenance.

The following screen is displayed:


  1. The End User selects whether the item is a serial or not: by default the Non Serial radio button is selected, and the volume number, issue number and issue date fields are greyed out. These become active when the Serial option is selected.
  2. The End User completes the form, filling in as much information as possible. Note that only the Title is mandatory.
  3. The Office and Library where the item is located will be filled in with the location of the user by default.
  4. If the item has an existing barcode that is not working, the End User can scan or enter this into the Item Barcode field. If not, it can be left blank and a barcode will be automatically generated by the system.
  5. The End User clicks Save to complete the loan.
  6. The loaned item is then displayed.