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How administrative staff can access the Soutron Library and Archive application.

The website address(URL) will be provided in advance and will take the form of This should be pasted into the web browser and will connect to the Soutron application. Any of the following web browsers can be used: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE 11 .  Instead of this URL there may be a link already set up to the application on the internal company Intranet. Check with your System Administrator.

 If Single Sign On is set up with the application, an automatic login will be applied upon accessing the web page via the URL provided.

If not a User Name and a Password to login to perform any administrative functions is required and this may be presented in an email.   

First Time Access

When accessing Soutron for the first time on a particular computer,  a Welcome page may appear, which requires selection of the Office and the Language to be used for the application.

This can be disabled in OPAC Maintenance (Options) if there is only one office and one language.

Click on the drop-down lists to make a selection.

Tick the Remember my Settings box to store these settings locally on your device. Click Save to continue.

Use the Office and Language options near the login, at the top of the screen, to make changes.

Once logged in the Welcome screen is presented with menu options on the left (which can be expanded or functions displayed when the mouse hovers over).

Menu functions will vary according to the role of the person logged in. 

The Welcome message can be amended in the System & Database Settings >>> Application Templates menu where the Admin Home Page template can be selected and edited. 

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