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The Self Issue facility allows end users to borrow resources by themselves, and optionally renew and return them. This is useful for Out of Hours service provision.

The function is optional. It has a different URL to the main system and OPAC or Search Portal , so it is made available to users only when the System Administrator has deemed it appropriate.

Note that the Self Issue facility bypasses all the normal loan controls, ie it allows users to loan or renew items even if there is a reservation on the item or the item is Reference Only or the item is not published or the End User has outstanding fines.

This is based on the assumption that the user might take the item regardless. It is better for the item's loan to be recorded in the system than for it to go missing.

The Self Issue screen can be customised in several ways but is displayed normally as follows:


The options to Renew and Return loans may be turned off. These functions need to be enabled in System Configuration Maintenance.

Note that if the system is inactive for a specified period of time, it will revert to the starting screen. The period of inactivity is defined in System Configuration Maintenance.


See further details:

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