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The default sort order used for search results is Relevance, unless the sort order has been specified in Search Results Administration.

Relevance is a calculated value that can differ from database to database and can be determined by the System Administrator in consultation with the Soutron Help Desk to apply it (where Soutron is hosted by Soutron)



Relevance is determined by giving a weighting to fields that you want to appear in search results. By default, on delivery of the system all fields in the database have the same weighting so there is effectively no relevance ranking.

The weighting applied to a field can only be changed directly in the database, done by Soutron. There is no system configuration setting that can apply. It is a simple task but requires being carried out by the Database Administrator.  


To set up the field weighting for relevance ranking, please contact the Soutron Help Desk for advice and assistance.


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