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If the item to be loaned is not in the database, does not have a barcode or the barcode number cannot be found, use the Manual Loan function. This provides the facility to quickly record a loan so that the it can be tracked.

It is recommended that this feature is ONLY used for items which are NOT in the database. It will be confusing if an item which is recorded in the database is processed manually. The item's correct availability will not be recorded and reflected in the Locations table when viewed by End Users or Administrators if it is loaned via a Manual Loan process.


In the Loans function screen, having identified the End User, click Process Manual Loan.

The Manual Loans Form appears underneath the End User details: 


  1. Check whether the item is a Serial Record. By default the Non Serial radio button is selected.
  2. The volume number, issue number and issue date fields are not relevant unless a Serial item is selected. These become active only when the Serial option has been selected.
  3. Complete the form, filling in as much information as possible. The Title field is mandatory and must be completed
  4. Select the Office and Library where the item is located. It defaults to the administrator's location.
  5. If the item has an existing barcode that is not valid and was not recognised, we suggest that this is scanned into the Item Barcode field. If there is no barcode, leave the field blank and a barcode will be automatically generated by the system. Note that a CID number of 0 is allocated. The CID number is a reference that the application generates automatically, it has no relevance to the transaction.
  6. Click Save and Loan to complete the loan.

The item is then created and a loan transaction recorded. It is displayed in the list of loans for today for that user.

Due Dates are automatically calculated but can be overridden using the Calendar.


Experiencing problems with loans and requests? See the Troubleshooting Guide and How do I ...?.

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