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This feature allows you to print barcode or spine labels directly from the Locations table.

You can print labels for the record you are in, or add copies to the print queue for printing later. The print queue is managed in the Print Labels screen.


Whether or not Label Printing is available is determined in System Configuration Maintenance.


The label designs are managed and configured in the Print Label Reports menu in System Management.


On the Locations table screen, the Label Printing menu contains three options:


Print selected labelsTo print labels only for the catalogue record you are in, select the copies to print labels for, then click this option. You will then be taken directly to the Print Labels screen.
Add to Print Queue

To print all your labels in one go, you can add selected copies to your print queue for processing later. Select the copies to print labels for, then click this option.

The option "Print labels in queue" shows the number of labels to be printed and increases automatically as more are added.

Print labels in queue

Once you have added one or more copies to the print queue, this option will be shown (ie it is not shown if there are no items in the print queue).

Click on this link to go to the Print Labels screen.



Experiencing problems with cataloguing? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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