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The system records the number of times that a catalogue record has been viewed by OPAC users, and this is shown on the full record display for OPAC users and library staff.


The calculations are only based on OPAC views by end users: no record is made of views by library staff who are logged in to the application. For OPAC users who are logged in, the count will increment based on the user. For OPAC Guest users, the calculation is based on a session, usually timed for 20 minutes (the default for .NET sessions). The calculated number of views includes the view currently in progress.

Where there are multiple OPACs, the number of views is calculated based on each OPAC. When viewing records, OPAC users will see the number of views for the OPAC that they are using. Library staff will see the total number of views across all OPACs.

If you have a Library Terminal in the Library that users can use, there is a setting in the System Configuration Maintenance that allows you to define that PC as a Shared PC. Then for that PC alone, the count will calculate every time a record is viewed, to accommodate multiple users. The length of a session is also defined in System Configuration Maintenance.


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