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 Editing more than one record at a time, making the same change to all records. is available for the following four field types: 

  • Text
  • Thesaurus
  • URL
  • Validation Lists


To edit multiple records:

  1. Perform a search to identify the records that are to be changed.
  2. Click Global Edit in the Actions menu.
  3. The Global Edit Form is presented

Select the records to be changed

There are three options to select the records to be changed:

  • All records in the search result (the default if you have not selected any records)
  • Selected records in search result (the default if you have selected records)
  • All records in database (to be used with caution!)

Choose the relevant option.

Select the field to modify

Click on the field to change.


Select the operation and the entry in the field to affect

Steps 2 and 3 act together, and the options presented depend on whether the field being amended is single-entry field  or a multi-entry field.

Options for single-entry fields:

Options for multi-entry fields:

Step 2 Options 

Append Entry After - appends the new entry after the specified existing entry

Copy Field After - adds the contents of another field after the specified existing entry

Copy Field Before - adds the contents of another field before the specified existing entry

Copy Field Replace - replaces the entry with the contents of another field

Delete entry - deletes the entire entry in the field

Divide Entry - divides an entry at a specified point

Insert Entry Before - adds the new entry before the specified existing entry

Substitute Entry - replaces the entire entry

Substitute Text - replaces a string of text within the entry


Step 3 options

The options are to effect the change on:

Additional options are to:

To finish

To execute the Global Edit, click Update Records button at the bottom of the screen which creates a Task Service that is to be run against the database. This Task Service is displayed in the form. 

The task appears in the top section of the screen show the status of the task. If it has completed it reports Success in the Execute Result field


A history of Global Edit tasks can be seen in the Task Centre, by viewing background tasks.


When all operations are completed click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen to return to the search results.