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This section enables you to define credit cards for use in the Acquisitions module.

Credit cards are specified in the payment method section when creating an order line entry.

Note that this consists of just a description: no credit card numbers are stored.

This page describes:

To access Credit Cards Maintenance, select Modules > Acquisitions > Module Maintenance > Credit Cards Maintenance.

The page opens as follows:

Adding a new credit card definition

To add a new credit card definition:

  1. click Create in the Actions menu
  2. a new screen opens:



  3. enter the following information (required fields have an asterisk next to the label):
Name *Name for the credit card. This information is what will appear in the drop-down list of available credit cards when creating an order, so it needs to be self-explanatory. It must also be unique.
Descriptionan optional description for the credit card. This will only be seen in the Credit CardMaintenance screen.
Activethis is ticked by default; un-tick the box to de-activate the credit card

When you have finished, click Save and Close in the Actions menu.

This adds the new credit card definition to the list of existing definitions.

Editing a credit card definition

To edit a credit card definition:

  1. Tick the box to the left of the specific credit card row.
  2. Click Edit in the Actions menu.
  3. Make the required changes.
  4. Then click Save and Close in the Actions menu.

Changing the status of a credit card definition

To change the status of a credit card to active or not:

  1. Tick the box to the left of one or more credit card rows.
  2. Click Change status in the Actions menu.

The symbol in the Active column will change accordingly.

Deactivated credit cards will not show in the list when selecting Credit Card as the payment method.

Deleting a credit card definition


Caution! There is no warning message before the credit card record is deleted.

To delete a credit card definition:

  1. Tick the box to the left of the specific credit card row
  2. Click Delete in the Actions menu
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