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This relationship allows you to catalogue a work and also its component volumes. An example might be:

Main work: Chitty on Contracts


  • Volume 1: General principles
  • Volume 2: Specific contracts
  • Cumulative supplement

The specific process associated with the Volumes field creates a separate record for each volume, but they are associated with the record for the main work.

The record for the main work generally relates to a set rather than one physical item and therefore does not have its own copies. The copies are assigned to the volume records, which are linked to the record for the main work. The specific procedure for volumes means that creating and managing the copies is made much easier.

This page covers:

Before you can catalogue volumes, you need to:

Creating volume records


These instructions assume that you are familiar with the process of cataloguing.


Cataloguing the main work

The first step is to create a catalogue record for the main work:

  1. Select the Content and Record Types
  2. Select the Function Type Record with volumes

    If you forget to do this, it can be amended once you are in the record, by clicking on Allow volumes

  3. Catalogue the record as normal, bearing in mind that if it does not refer to a physical item, fewer fields may need to be filled in: perhaps an ISBN for the set, an editor for the whole work, in addition to the title, publisher, etc.
  4. Click Save in the Actions menu

Cataloguing the volumes

The Volumes field is used to create the volume records. It only becomes active once you have saved the main record:

To add a volume:

  1. Select the Content and Record Type from the drop-down lists - note that it does not have to be the same as for the main record
  2. Click Add to the right of the field
  3. A new entry screen opens, ready for you to catalogue the volume information. This may use the same Record Type as for the main work, but without the Volumes field, or a specific Record Type for Volumes may have been defined.
  4. Catalogue the volume information as normal, then click Save and close in the Actions menu. (Or, if you want to create copies individually for each volume, click Save and then create the copies as normal. For creating copies for all the volumes at once, see below.)

This returns you to the entry screen for the main record, with the titles of the volumes displayed:

From here you can edit the volume information, delete it or change the order in which the volumes appear.

Creating the copy records


These instructions assume that you are familiar with the process of creating bulk copies.


The most efficient way to create copies for all the volumes is to do it from the main record, using the bulk copies option.

  1. When in the main record, click Locations in the Actions menu, and select Bulk Copies.
  2. On the first screen, you need to specify which volumes you are creating copies for:

  3. Click Change selection to see the list of volumes:

  4. Tick the box next to each volume that you want to create a copy for, for the office and library selected, then click OK.
  5. Continue creating copies as required for different offices. As you do so, the copies you have created are displayed as follows:

From here you can edit or delete the copies, by clicking on the links to the right of the copies for each office.

When you have finished creating copies, click Save in the Actions menu.

The volume information is then displayed in the Locations screen for the main work. You can click on the + symbols to display the copies for each volume:

The process is now complete.

Viewing the volume records

Search results table

If the system has been configured to enable volume records to be searched for (this is defined in System Configuration), you will see volume records displayed as follows:

The title displays the title of the main work, as well as of the volume, and the icon at the end denotes that it is a volume.

Full record display

When you view the full record for a catalogue item that has volumes, they are displayed as follows:

Click on the title of a volume to view the full record for that volume:

From here you can:

  • click View parent record in the Actions menu to see the full record of the main item
  • click Locations in the Actions menu to see the copies for that specific volume
  • click New Part in the Parts menu to create Parts records for this volume

Editing and deleting volume records

As the records for both the main work and the volumes are normal records, you can edit and delete them as you would any other record. The only difference is that if you delete the main record, it will automatically delete all the volume records as well.

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