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This section explains how to design Welcome Messages for Administrative Staff users, those who have access to back-office functions (e.g. Cataloguing, Loans etc)

To access the Welcome templates, select Modules > Task Centre > Template Maintenance. 

From the Template Maintenance screen, create a new Welcome Message by clicking Create new template in the Actions menu.

The following screen displays:

General settings

Enter the following information at the top of the screen:

AccessibilityBy default this is set to Private, which means that it is only visible to you. To enable others to see it, untick the box.
Template name

This is populated automatically and is set to "Claim". Use the drop-down list to change it to "Welcome Message".

To create a message for Guest users when access is denied, select "Guest user denied access".


Enter the name of this template, eg "Welcome Message for Library staff"

DescriptionOptionally, enter a short note describing the purpose of this template

Template designer

The main body of the Welcome Message is defined in the Rich Text Area: click into it to begin. See the full article on Creating templates for details.

Adding application and user statistics

Statistics can be added to the Welcome Message through the use of macros which are listed at the end of the toolbar.

The following macros are available:

User nameInserts the Username
User First nameInserts the user's first name
User SurnameInserts the user's surname
User TitleInserts the user's title, eg Mr, Mrs
Report created dateInserts the date that the overdue notices were created
Application statisticsInsert application statistics (see below)
User statisticsInserts user information (see below)


To insert the data, place the cursor where you want to insert it in the rich text area and then select the relevant macro from the drop-down list and then click Insert Macro. The macros are inserted in square brackets. For example:

Welcome [UserTitle] [UserSurname]


Note that no macros are available for the "Guest user denied access" template.


Application statistics

This allows you to show Library staff information about how many records they have as well as other information including who is currently logged in. This macro should not be made available on the OPAC welcome messages.


The number of Content Types and Record Types that is shown in this list is determined in System Configuration Maintenance:

Note that the count of the number of records does not include deleted records.

User statistics

This can be assigned to both library staff and most importantly to named OPAC users so that when they log in it will provide some basic information. If you create a single template for the OPAC (ie assigning the same template to both Named OPAC and Guest OPAC Welcome Messages in OPAC Maintenance), the statistics will NOT be shown for guest users.

Links to saved searches

To include a link to a saved search:

  1. click on the Saved Searches tab on the search screen
  2. hover over the name of the saved search you want, right-click and select "Copy shortcut"
  3. return to the welcome page in the Template Designer and switch to the HTML view
  4. paste in the copied URL and add the appropriate HTML code, for example:
<a href="pasted URL">Saved Search on XYZ topic</a>

Completing the process

When you have finished, click Save in the Actions menu, or Save and Exit to return to the list of defined templates.

You then need to assign the Welcome Message to the relevant users and OPACs in OPAC Maintenance.