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Administrative staff can control whether records are visible to End Users or not.  When a record is Published, the record is visible to all administrative staff and End Users, provided the security access permissions are set to allow access to the user. 

Unpublished records are only visible to Administrative staff and can be optionally displayed with a graphical indicator to show that they are published or unpublished.

This means that records that are in the process of being created and are yet to be completed or quality checked can be hidden from view by End Users until they are ready.

Batch publish can only be accessed from the search results screen.


The default status for a record is defined in System Configuration Record Type Maintenance and is generally set to Publish by default.

Records can be published and unpublished singly or en masse using the following functions


Publishing records

To publish more than one record at a time:

  1. Search for the records  to publish - there is a tick box option on the Administrator's search screen to search for unpublished records only 
  2. Tick the box next to the records you wish to publish
  3. Click Publish in the Actions menu
  4. Confirm the deletion:

  5. Click OK to continue.

Un Publishing records

To restore more than one record at a time:

  1. Click Restore in the Actions menu
  2. Confirm the restoration:

  3. Click OK to continue
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