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Important: New Licence key is required as of 4.1.4

A Licence file must be obtained prior to upgrading if Soutron is self-hosted.

Soutron hosted clients will have the licence updated at time of upgrade automatically.

Important Change to search results.

As of 4.1.3 custom view in the portal is no longer supported, you must setup a new template using one of our new templates for the portal search results.

Important Change to the API

As of 4.1.1 it is no longer possible to user userid=1 parameter with in your queries. Other userid values continue to be valid.

Please remember to clear your browser cache before using the system after the upgrade, see here for more information.


4.1.4 (39)

Release Date

October 2019

New Feature


LMS-241Notify user that somebody else has requested the same item (Loan recall).
LMS-3019Collections function now available in Search Portal with improved functionality for sharing and managing collections.
LMS-4633Users can now view & manage their reservations via My account in Search Portal.
LMS-4865Renew overdue items has been improved and moved to Search Portal interface.
LMS-4869It is now possible to add an order-line to a placed order.
LMS-4871Role'd users can now view routing lists via the Portal.
LMS-4885Search templates are now configured in the Admin interface.
LMS-4896Catalogue records with standard orders can now be merged.
LMS-4912It's now possible to force certain file types to open in the browser where supported by the browser via configuration option (i.e Pdf, images).
LMS-4934Ability to edit individual issue enumeration from preview prediction screen in order.
LMS-4939Added support for TLS for mail servers.
LMS-4952User Search/Visibility settings to control portal sharing options (saved search/Collections).
LMS-4957Non-Sorting words are now managed in the Admin interface.
LMS-4963Notify user that item they required is now available in the library (used to notify user before librarian sets request as 'awaiting collection').
LMS-4966It's now possible to set Case when importing (UPPER, lower, Case).
LMS-4967Support for importing BibTeX file format.


LMS-435New option to set default Availability value in Request Maintenance.
LMS-2613It is now possible to add descriptions to a Collection in the Portal.
LMS-2614Collections now have a permanent URL which can be shared.
LMS-3133Ability to restrict collection sharing and creation in access permission.
LMS-3403Improved Search Portal action buttons to be more responsive.
LMS-4273Added option to delete awaiting payment items where order has already been cancelled.
LMS-4485Improved image re-sizing on Portal full display.
LMS-4648Download history now includes documents not protected by copyright notice.
LMS-4698It is now possible to update notes field after an invoice has been paid.
LMS-4834Renewal history for each loan is now tracked in the database.
LMS-4879Saved searches can now be placed into Tree views.
LMS-4880Order number now shows red if cancelled or Amber if cancelled ahead of the current date.
LMS-4938Inventory export (Analysis) now includes missing items.
LMS-4942Updated portal full record templates to provide better mobile views.
LMS-4947Improvements to issue cancellation where multiple orders exist.
LMS-4964RFID: block loans if there is an active request and no more available copies.
LMS-4969It is now possible to assign a Virtual library in an import task.
LMS-4970RFID: now possible to use custom user field as the identifier (instead of Borrower ID).
LMS-4978Improvements to date slider on Acquisitions Check-in screen.
LMS-4978General improvements to my account to make more mobile friendly.
LMS-4883Improvement to Manual issue box for Irregular issues.
LMS-4901Added support for book covers into Field Groups (Results mode).
LMS-4907Search results now includes Volume information as part of Copy Preview.
LMS-4911Added config option to set custom privacy policy in Portal/Admin page footers.
LMS-4922Added help tip to menu option pop-up.
LMS-4936Admin menu font has been changed to a darker grey.
LMS-4960Added warning for users before processing an inventory.
LMS-5005System footer links how have alt text.
LMS-5006See-Also links how have static alt text for screen readers.
LMS-5014Marc Export now forces UTF-8 encoding.
LMS-5017Copy is now added to print queue automatically if Auto copy is enabled.
LMS-5029Config option to define how many days before an item is due it is shown in the overdue renew page.
LMS-5036New error message if saving order without first allocating accounts.

Bug Fixes


LMS-4611Fixed problem preventing un-receive over multiple pages in check-in receipt pop-up.
LMS-4701Sorting by Title on Acquisitions check-in page now works correctly.
LMS-4722Fixed a problem which allowed users to request more items than their access permission allowed.
LMS-4729Cancelling an issue now also deletes the catalogue record.
LMS-4803Check-in note is no longer forced to display if check-in note is empty.
LMS-4855Office Groups now correctly show all copies for the group the user belongs.
LMS-4864Sort order is now retained after returning to results page after viewing a record.
LMS-4868Simple date/Time fields now correctly display on the portal.
LMS-4884Fixed a problem selecting barcodes in Check-in on Internet Explorer.
LMS-4887Search history macro no longer includes RSS search history.
LMS-4890Images can now be correctly formatted in search result templates.
LMS-4891Fixed a problem using Portal layouts page in IE.
LMS-4902Fixed a problem when paying Year 2 of an ongoing subscription.
LMS-4905Fixed a problem opening a custom page before the search page was opened.
LMS-4906Requests are now placed for the correct item when doing so via a hierarchy tree and changing requester.
LMS-4918Show details now shows even when the field it displays in is empty.
LMS-4924Request export function now uses the correct export type.
LMS-4928Portal search results now allows created date to be shown without causing an error.
LMS-4929It is no longer possible to save a result template without adding fields.
LMS-4930Rich text fields no longer insert additional formatting on save (UL/BR).
LMS-4932Amharic data sets no longer fail to import.
LMS-4933Fixed various issues with uploading files and URLs to a catalogue record from a Check-in receipt.
LMS-4943Part paying subscription now set the correct period for the next period of the subscription.
LMS-4948Edit issue no longer shows under 'More' for Irregular issues.
LMS-4944After completing a request user is correctly redirected (after using change requester function).
LMS-4954Fixed a problem when using the text translation option in the Portal.
LMS-4958Copy fields are no longer listed in available fields for result templates.
LMS-4975Server online now checks daily instead of every 5 minutes.
LMS-4976Fixed a search problem when currency was used within the phrase followed by a number (i.e Cup).
LMS-4985Fixed a problem using Thesaurus lookup where a term contains an apostrophe.
LMS-4987Attachment names longer than 260 characters no longer causes an error when accessing the record.
LMS-4988URL's with special characters now open correctly in the Portal.
LMS-5003Self-Issue paging now works.
LMS-5004Volume tree heading can now be changed in the Portal.
LMS-5008Copy request flag no longer resets when updating records via an import.
LMS-5009RFID: Desensitise option now correctly set.
LMS-5030Copy Global edit no longer generates an error when deleting last copy.