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This page is used to control a variety of settings which apply to the Search portal. It is found in the Admin interface under the System & Database Settings menu

This page is still in development as we gradually migrate settings from the old OPAC Maintenance page.

Upon opening the portals page you will see a list of your Portals.

The table shows the portal name, the theme name currently in use by that portal, the base URL for the portal and whether guest access is allowed or denied. It also shows which is the default portal as well as allowing you to toggle a new portal to be the new default.

It is possible to delete a portal from the table using the red 'bin' icon, the blue pencil icon can be used to edit the portal.

In edit mode you will see the name of the portal listed in the breadcrumb trail and a tabbed display where you will find new or migrated settings. Any setting not listed here will still be available in the older OPAC Maintenance page.

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