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Important Change to the API

It is no longer possible to user userid=1 parameter with in your queries. Other userid values continue to be valid.

Please remember to clear your browser cache before using the system after the upgrade, see here for more information.


4.1.1 (16)

Release Date

June 2018

New Feature


  • LMS-4411           Added forgot password option to portal
  • LMS-3896           Added cookie consent notice to portal with ability to customise and disable
  • LMS-4411           Added user self-registration form to portal

  • LMS-4412           Added new 'Anonymise User' task to task centre
  • LMS-4413           Portal enquiry forms now require user to pass re-CAPTCHA before submitting form
  • LMS-4429           New Report to see full details of a users activity
  • LMS-4430           User can now view their user record via the portal
  • LMS-4470           Added ability to place a loan copy request without copy
  • LMS-4483           Added ability to embed Google analytics directly within the portal


  • LMS-4447           Prediction type is now shown on the order screen
  • LMS-4431           API no longer permits queries while using userid=1
  • LMS-4474           Inventory audit logging improved to provide action column in export.
  • LMS-4484           Book covers now use secure (HTTPS) connections.
  • LMS-4487           Added custom link for 'terms of use' to system config which is then displayed on the portal
  • LMS-4510          Implemented incremental field types for portal displays



  • LMS-4054           Fixed a problem using exact search in the portal
  • LMS-4355           Removed a reference to an invalid image in portal CSS
  • LMS-4360           Fixed a problem printing request address labels when user address is set as 'Office' type.
  • LMS-4457           Non published issue records no longer show in copies table in Portal
  • LMS-4459           Awaiting Payment showing entry for subscription that has been cancelled
  • LMS-4463           Corrected cancel order: error message
  • LMS-4464           Changing Prediction now correctly auto creates issues without running the Renew Subscription task.
  • LMS-4466           Fixed a typo in OPAC Maintenance option for 'Include issue in Acquisition Suggest'
  • LMS-4467           All check-ins not overdue or received showing as Currently expected
  • LMS-4469           Fixed problem with Non Preferred terms in another language creating new terms instead of matching existing.
  • LMS-4473           Frequency field type not displaying in portal records
  • LMS-4479           Running borrower report from user record screen now works as expected.
  • LMS-4488           Fixed issue in portal where URL was being truncated if it contained certain characters
  • LMS-4494           Fixed a problem when disabling continuous volume number for existing subscriptions.
  • LMS-4501           Saving a dependent record with Expression set on a Globalisation field
  • LMS-4509           Resolved a problem affecting SSO where new users could not login

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