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Soutron Library Management Help System
Acquisitions settings


This tab allows you to specify some global settings relating to Acquisitions.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

Click on the Acquisitions tab to display the page as follows:

 The table below explains the function of each setting:

Setting Function Default value
Use Accounts Select Yes if you wish to use the Accounts facility in Acquisitions, or No to turn the feature off completely. Yes
Use Ongoing Subscriptions If selected, this allows serial issues to be auto-generated on rolling basis - it is recommended that this is enabled. Yes
Use Ongoing Subscriptions by Default If the above is set to Yes, this setting sets all subscriptions to be ongoing by default - it is recommended that this is enabled. No
Sort column for expected items page.  Possible values: SortNumber, idCatalogue, Title, Supplier This is the way in which you can set your finds in order according to the chosen value columns. OrderNumber
Expected Items Grid Row Count This shows you the number of rows displayed per page. 10
ShowRequestersFilter This allows Check-In to filter by the requester's name. No
Search Expected Items By: This option allows you to select the fields with which to search for expected items on the Check-In page. Title, ISSN

Change the settings as required.

Then click Save and close in the Actions menu when you have finished.  

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