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The portal layouts page is used to assign a template header, body and footer to each page in the portal. Only one template can be assigned to each section. If different looks are required for the same page in different portals the template editor should be used to define multiple templates under the same template name.

To assign your template click the blue edit button against the corresponding page.

Then select from the drop downs the template to assign to the three page sections (header, body, Footer).

Once selected click save.

Using the pencil icon the the right of the selection drop down you can open the edit page for the selected template.

It is also possible to create your own portal pages using the blue Create new Layout button about the page list.

Enter a name for your custom page and a display title, the display title is used in the browser page header. Then select the template you wish to assign for each page part (header, body, footer).

Click save to create your custom page. You can now link to your page using the portal menu or via direct hyperlink in any of your portal templates.

Custom page URLs use the following format: /Portal/Default/en-GB/Custom/{PageName}

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