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Menu management can be found under the top menu bar: System & Database Settings > Menus

The page is separated into three areas.

  1. Function bar
    1. Selection of type of menu to edit
    2. Ability to create a new menu option
    3. Show all option to display already used menu options
    4. Language elector to display localized menu option names
  2. Menu options - Left list displaying available menu options.
  3. Menu Structure - Right list displaying a tree of all menu options added to the selected menu type.



It is possible to configure four different menu's.

  1. Quick Links
  2. Modules
  3. System
  4. Portal

You can freely move, add or remove menus to suit your working enviroment. It is also possible to edit each menu option, changing it's display name, icon, and permissions.

By default the list on the left will only show menu options not already assigned to one of the four menus. You can opt to display all used and un-used options using the Show all toggle.


It is possible to localize the names of your menu according to languages enabled in your system, you can also toggle between the enabled languages using the Language drop-down.

Localized names are displayed along side the system name for the menu option.