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Some messages relating to the Self Issue screens can be changed. This page lists all the screens where these occur. The file name for all the Self Issue messages is "SelfIssue".

Messages can be changed for the following screens:

The settings for Self Issue are defined separately, in System Configuration.

To access Resource String Translations, select System Management > Resource String Translations.

General (appears on more than one screen)

System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text
CheckOutCheck Out buttonCheck Out Items
ReturnReturn Items buttonReturn Items
RenewRenew Items buttonRenew Items
StartAgainStart Again buttonStart Again
SearchButtonSearch buttonSearch
CancelSessionButtonCancel buttonCancel
CompleteSessionButtonFinish buttonI have finished


User selection page

System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text
WelcomeTextHeaderWelcome to the Library's Self Issue System.
UserSelectionPromptTextUser instructionsEnter your name or user ID
ProcessHelpTextInstructions or other text that appears below the user boxThis facility allows you to loan or return Library items. Follow the instructions in screen,or if you have any difficulties, contact the Library staff.
UserIsNotFoundAlert if the user is not foundThe user is not identified - please try again or consult the Library staff.

Check Out page

System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text
ItemSelectionPromptTextInstructionsScan or enter the Barcode Number of the item you are borrowing
CancelSessionButtonCancel buttonCancel


Renewals page

System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text
RenewItemsPromptTextInstructionsPlease scan or enter barcode of an item to renew
ItemRenewedConfirmation messageThe item is successfully renewed.


Returns page

System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text
ReturnItemsPromptTextInstructionsScan or enter the Barcode Number of the item you are returning
ItemReturnFromLoanConfirmation messageThe item has been returned successfully


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