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Soutron is an Information Management Platform with a highly flexible database application structure that incorporates specialist workflows for library, archive and records management operations using advanced database techniques. It is designed to improve productivity and search effectiveness within information-dependent organizations.

Soutron is based on Microsoft® SQL™ Server and utilizes .NET, MVC and .NET Core technologies.

Delivery Options

Soutron is licenced for use only when a valid support and maintenance contract with Soutron Limited is in place. This includes both hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) installations using servers hosted at one of Soutron’s datacenters and when Soutron is installed “In Premise”  by a client organisation.

Soutron is a fully configurable and extensible .NET Web application that may be customized by the organization without the need for IT skills.

Customization is achieved using templates and extensive configurable capabilities of Soutron available via the user interface as well as the fully documented .NET API. This enables customizations to be retained while taking advantage of all future upgrades, service packs and releases.

Soutron provides integration services at a number of levels including via web services, APIs and with third party applications.

Soutron System Environment

The following outlines the system environment requirements for Soutron v4.x

Client Desktop/Tablet System Requirements

Soutron is operated via a web browser. All functions, system management, staff administration and end user searching are performed using a web browser.

titleSupported Browsers
  • Edge (latest only)
  • Firefox (latest only)
  • Google Chrome (latest only)
  • Safari (latest only)

Recommended minimum screen resolution 1024x768

titleApplication Server Requirements
  • IIS 8 or higher
  • .NET Framework v4.6.1 or higher
  • .NET Core 2.2
  • E-mail server.  (Windows SMTP service, exchange server or third-party SMTP relay)
  • MS Reporting services (this can be installed on the database server if preferred)
  • Soutron Task Service (Windows Service)
titleServer Operating System
  • Windows Server 2012 or higher

titleDatabase Server Requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2019 with a minimum of Web Edition or Higher
  • Adobe I-Filter

Database Server Notes

  • Microsoft SQL Full Text Search: This component of SQL Server must be installed and running before installing Soutron. This component can be installed with SQL Server or added later by the SQL Server Installation Package.
  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio: It is strongly recommended that this component be installed.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services: This component of SQL Server must be installed and running before installing Soutron
  • I-Filter is required for document indexing. This must be installed on the database server if indexing of documents in the database is required.

Supported Server Configurations

Soutron Library System uses Microsoft SQL Server as its backend database. The application can be split over one or two servers. Soutron recommends separate servers for the web and database, as illustrated in Diagram 1. However, single server configuration is also supported.

For best performance, use separate physical or virtual machines for the Database Server and Web Server - see Diagram 1.
A single server configuration is also supported and may be suitable for installations with a smaller number of users and records – see Diagram 2

Diagram 1: Separate server for database and website

Diagram 2: Single server for database and website

Soutron v4 Configuration

The Soutron application program files must reside on the Web server. The database may reside on the same or on another server. Factors such as number of simultaneous users, amount of data, network speed and bandwidth should be used to determine whether the database should reside jointly on the same server as the application. Consult your Soutron representative to discuss the operating environment best suited for your deployment of Soutron.

Operating Environment Guidelines

Hardware Requirements

The following table outlines the minimum hardware requirements for Soutron. These are not recommended but indicate the lowest level of resource for use of the application. The actual resource your system may require is dependent upon the size of database and number of concurrent users.

A two server (Web Server and Database Server) configuration is recommended for best performance.

Disk StorageOperating SystemProcessorMemory

Web Server (also referred to as the Application Server)

5Gb (accounts for application files only)

Windows Server 2012 R2 or above

Recommended: Quad Core CPU running at 3.0 GHz or faster.

Minimum: 8GB

Recommended: 10-12GB

Database Server


As per Microsoft Specification.

Additional space required for Soutron content and backup files.


Minimum of 100GB.

Windows Server 2012 R2 or above

Recommended: Quad Core CPU running at 3.0 GHz or faster.

Minimum: 16GB

Recommended: 18-32GB

(More if multiple instances or other databases are on the same server)

Table 1. Requirements for a two-server configuration

Environment and Performance Guidelines

The recommended server configurations are directly dependent on:

  • Volume of data
  • Type of data
  • Number of simultaneous users
  • Available bandwidth

Consult your Soutron representative to discuss the operating environment best suited for your needs.


SSL Support

All Sites are secured via SSL certificate. If Clients wish to use their own domain name for site access, they must also provide their own SSL certificate.


Soutron uses an access permission system that is role-based and can be customized to the needs of your organization. Groups can be defined by the System Administrator and access permissions assigned to provide restricted access to content and functions.

Administrator’s Permission System

Every Soutron User who performs administrative functions is assigned at least one role but may have multiple roles assigned, if desired.

End users who search the database are not assigned roles but instead are assumed to be a Guest role automatically.

Additional Security Groups can be devised and described to the system to define the access permissions available to a user.

Based on the User’s role membership, assignment to a Group, authorization to view, edit, create, and delete content as well as administer the system is granted.

Each User has a “guest role” by default

Soutron’s Application Service Account

A single application process identity provides the required access to the external resources that are used by Soutron such as Active Directory and Reporting Services.


On-premise installations are expected to prepare their own backup plans for the SQL databases and application files.

Soutron hosted installations are backed up daily and stored offsite for 30 days. In addition, hourly snapshots are taken of all instances and stored onsite for 24 hours. 

For further assistance

If you have any questions regarding these technical guidelines, please contact Soutron.

Email or visit

United Kingdom 0044 1332 84 40 32

United States and Canada 001 760-266-6922 X123

Download this Technical Requirements guide here