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When selected the system displays a form with three parts to The form displays the settings and prompts for display text and a short code to uniquely identify the Content Type template now being created. The Display Text and Short Code fields must be completed before saving the new Content Type : template can be saved. All are shown in red until correctly filled.

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Image Removed Content Type template can be enabled or disabled, meaning it can be presented to administrative users to work with or if it is in design stage and not to be displayed for administrative users to yet use, it can be disabled and it will not be available until it has been set to Enabled.
If a Content Type template is no longer to be used this feature can withdraw it from use. Records related to this template are retained and are not removed by this action but will not be returned in searches.

Using the Record Types tab you will see a list of enabled types to associate your new Content Type with.  The Selected column should be used for normal record creation, whereas the EUS column enables the record type to be available via the Document Review/EUS submission workflow.

After saving your Content Type it is possible using the Edit button for a selected Record Type to navigate to the edit page for the Record Type template to make additional adjustments if required.