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Important: New Licence key is required as of 4.1.4

A Licence file must be obtained prior to upgrading if Soutron is self-hosted.

Soutron hosted clients will have the licence updated at time of upgrade automatically.

Important: As of 4.1.5 IE11 will no longer be supported.

Due to limitations within older browsers IE11 will no longer be actively supported when using Soutron applications. The software will continue to be accessible via IE11 but Soutron will not actively fix known issues found with this version of web browser instead we recommend the use of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge instead.

Important: API Changes

With the introduction of a feature rich API in 4.1.5 we will no longer add additional functionality or improvements to the old web service API. This will continue to be supported for a further two years as of the 4.1.5 release date for critical bug fixes only. It is strongly advised you make plans to switch to our new API as soon as possible. 

Important: Portal templates

Due to the upgrade of Bootstrap in this release it may be possible that your portal templates need adjusting after the upgrade. Soutron will try to correct as much as possible post-upgrade for you but it may still require your input for the finer detail in some instances.


4.1.5 (119)

titleRelease Date

March 2021


Please remember to clear your browser cache before using the system after the upgrade, see here for more information.

New Feature    

LMS-3619Added 3rd Party support for ProQuest Unbound metadata enrichment (subscription to ProQuest Unbound required, contact Soutron for more information)
LMS-4163Added ability to exclude CT/RT from API filtering
LMS-4342Admin and Portal application icons have been upgraded
LMS-4666API can now be set to log all search requests.
LMS-4721New Document Review Module (Replaces EUS)

Admin and Portal applications have been upgraded to bootstrap 4

LMS-4993API now supports contains/is empty searching
LMS-4994Added API methods to get infrastructure data; Offices, languages, Portals
LMS-4995Added API method to get Collections data
LMS-4997API now supports returning fields by enabled result template views
LMS-4999Added API method to get RSS feed info and data
LMS-5038Migrated field maintenance to Admin application
LMS-5039Migrated Record Type maintenance to Admin application
LMS-5040Migrated Content Type maintenance to Admin application
LMS-5041Migrated Resource string translations to Admin application & added Portal level support
LMS-5042Added Record type level resource translations.
LMS-5085Grid view management has been migrated to the Admin application
LMS-5090Added option to loan period to use description instead of date in the due date column
LMS-5209Event handlers added to Portal results and record display to provide additional third party code support (For use by Soutron engineers only).
LMS-5228Added new methods to get Copy and Issue data
LMS-5229New API method created for getting all related data about a catalogue record
LMS-5242It's now possible to search the Audit History field via API
LMS-5261When deleting a field you are now required to enter your username to avoid accidental deletion
LMS-5295Added config option to set searching control in portal to  display input for year only
LMS-5357Publish icon now displays in full record view alongside the Record Type in the portal for rolled users
LMS-5366Extended portal record page metadata to support High wire Press tags. Extends support to systems such as Zotero, Google Scholar and Mendeley
LMS-5413Added auto copy select function to Request Management.
LMS-5490Added single all fields search integration for Kare.
LMS-5515Added Order preview when viewing an invoice.
LMS-5517Added API method to navigate between records returned by an API search
LMS-5520It is now possible to duplicate content and Record types.
LMS-5522Rolled users can now hover over copy status to see list of users item is being routed to.
LMS-5525It's now possible to determine if a field is included during record duplication.
LMS-5567Added sub location to auto copy create settings in Record Type Maintenance.
LMS-5587Added support for Google Oauth SSO
LMS-5618Order cost summary icon added to Orders table.
LMS-5652Truncation is now allowed when performing a phrase search. i.e. "Search Warrant!" will find Search Warranty and Search Warranties
LMS-5695Added a configuration option allowing scope notes to be displayed in Thesaurus lookup for Portal searching and Submission Edit pages.
LMS-5719It is now possible to create a Modal pop-up on the portal and open it using a menu item in the [HORIZONTAL_MENU] macro.
LMS-5746Database CRL is now signed with an SSL certificate, further improving the security of the database.
LMS-5810'Create another' checkbox added to all database management screens in Admin to allow faster creation of multiple templates, fields, record types etc.


LMS-352It is now possible to filter field maintenance using table filters.
LMS-468Content type, Record type tables are now alphabetically sorted.
LMS-481Content & Record types are now not limited by the existence of the 'system' flag.
LMS-1104Fields in a record type template can now be re-ordered using Drag & Drop.
LMS-3298All Portal/Admin popup & macro styles have been updated.
LMS-3413Portal record automatically expands to full width is no side macros contain data. 
LMS-3575Admin users can now delete any other users collection if not set as private.
LMS-4627Request management export no longer shows export pop-up if only one report exists.
LMS-4667Portal Request page has been re-designed to streamline the process.
LMS-4869It is now possible to add a new order line to a placed order
LMS-4937URL fields now allow email addresses to be stored.
LMS-4992Improved API download handler with copyright & inline support
LMS-4996Improved Boolean searching support within API
LMS-5016Now easier to set Favicon in browser for a site
LMS-5025Improved message handling when requesting a password reset.
LMS-5121Collections macros now included in Macro list within Portal template editor
LMS-5127Applied update to LOC Auto Cat provider due to LOC API change
LMS-5137Admin logout button now shows current users name.
LMS-5173Improved usability of multi-entry text fields
LMS-5178Added additional translations for search macro in portal
LMS-5183If only one content type is returned by a search the portal now defaults to that instead of the All tab.
LMS-5198API search history can now be stored in database for reporting use
LMS-5199Updated amend search icons on portal results screen
LMS-5200Thesaurus lookup now opens larger in portal advanced search page
LMS-5202Empty columns in locations table no longer display if no data exists
LMS-5283Virtual copies now display in portal locations macro
LMS-5297System upgrade history now retaining within database
LMS-5364Improved experience when removing fields from record types where data exists
LMS-5395Updated XSLT for LOC Auto cat to remove duplicate publication dates
LMS-5418Extended FTP protocol to support SSL
LMS-5428RSS Icon in library application now redirects to Portal
LMS-5442Enquiry macro can now be included in [HORIZONTAL_MENU] macro & general UI improvements to pop-up.
LMS-5446Added "Results" text on Portal search results page to resource string translations

Added portalView attribute to return results from API in Portal view (supersedes Resultsmode=3)

LMS-5564Improvements to Portal full record 'sync' template
LMS-5584It's now easier to cancel an expected copy for standard orders
LMS-5592Added database setting defining which access permission should be auto assigned to self-registered users after they have confirmed their email address.
LMS-5610Content type search in Portal Search macro now only displays when more than 10 content types exist.
LMS-5653Each copy field now has a unique CSS class in the Portal copy grid.
LMS-5659Further improvement to image quality in portal record views.
LMS-5665Data values in portal copy grid can now be aligned within it's cell.
LMS-5672Search highlighting CSS class name changed to resolve html issues.
LMS-5680Active reservation counter now hidden in portal record display when requests are not enabled for that record.
LMS-5704Record edit link is now shown when viewing the record/issue pop-up from Acquisitions module.
LMS-5725Resource strings have been added for the following macro headers: My Favourites, Saved Searches and Collections.
LMS-5758A placeholder now displays when editing a field which does not have a value for the active localisation combination.
LMS-5663Searching for noise words in the portal now generates a user friendly message.
LMS-5686Date descriptions now show in the Portal record and result view when enabled.
LMS-5723Changes to how the default & Neutral language work throughout the system
LMS-5781It's now easier to scroll up the new menu management page when moving things to the active menu.
LMS-5794Added Collection menu hover text in Portal to resource strings
LMS-5800Request page now only shows request counts for enabled request types.
LMS-5815Improved column visibility & labels shown in request confirmation emails.
LMS-5861Copy Notes field height has been increased to show more text without scrolling in edit mode.

Bug Fixes

LMS-519Fixed a problem searching via the API when field and field group name is the same
LMS-804Max character limit now correctly enforced for text fields.
LMS-3880Improved CT/RT filtering in API when not all combinations are specified
LMS-4326Creating copies as part of an import now correctly inherits record type settings.
LMS-5023Fixed a security issue allowing a lower rolled user to change a higher rolled users password.
LMS-5027Reduced amount of user data provided in browser code when placing a request
LMS-5088Invoice Credit line in Credit note where more than one line exists can now be deleted
LMS-5104Changes to how collections and saved searches are shared by end users
LMS-5128Order status no longer changes to complete is set to Ongoing and Virtual.
LMS-5130Routing lists no longer include deleted users when viewed from an order.
LMS-5133Fixed release notes link available from library application help menu.
LMS-5135Fixed a problem when paying an invoice for a virtual subscription
LMS-5146Copy available quantity now shows based on copy status instead of total copy count
LMS-5147Removed erroneous bracket from several page headers in Portal
LMS-5149Thesaurus suggestion repeated terms in portal advanced search
LMS-5150Fixed an error with Filter by content macro when switching between result tabs
LMS-5151Fixed a problem with CID field not displaying in additional fields on portal
LMS-5152Fixed a problem with result highlighting changing data case on display
LMS-5156Locked accounts are no longer able to renew books via portal
LMS-5171Updated location table to show issues based on issue date not order placed date.
LMS-5174Docx files now correctly download via the portal
LMS-5175Truncation is no longer removed when amending a search via the portal.
LMS-5182Corrected wording for Amend search macro on portal results screen
LMS-5184Fixed an issue using 'Field contains data' in some circumstances via portal
LMS-5185First tab of results now correctly shows published icon if enabled
LMS-5187Results preview no longer shows 'no copies' message if copies are disabled for that record type
LMS-5188Search field group settings now correctly apply in Portal for date fields.
LMS-5189Fixed various issues with suggestion in Portal pages
LMS-5193Fixed issue which caused reviews to be duplicated in the display when switching between questions
LMS-5194Enable Reviews & Ratings for all OPACs option now correctly applies
LMS-5195Added some additional Translations for My account
LMS-5196Fixed issue when updating filter by content from selected content type to ALL
LMS-5204Custom pages can now be made available when guest access is denied
LMS-5206Resolved problem preventing librarian from overriding loan with active request.
LMS-5237Inventory export now excludes deleted copies which were not scanned
LMS-5238Fixed problem with Task schedule frequency settings
LMS-5244Book to view requests can now be requested for same day (config option) and now prevent non-working days being selected
LMS-5250General improvements to how the portal displays physical & virtual copies when using the country/office group toggles.
LMS-5259Fixed error 'currently being changed by another user' when saving Record type
LMS-5296Fixed an issue preventing User imports being ran directly from Import Template maintenance page.
LMS-5300Fixed typo in Global copy edit
LMS-5324Using Back after viewing a collection record no longer sends user to home page
LMS-5328Fixed an issue where unpublished content can be available to users if access permission was not set correctly.
LMS-5358Fixed an error when changing a record from Part to Amendment
LMS-5411Orders with virtual copies are now correctly updated with Completed status. *Script may be required to update orders created before 4.1.5
LMS-5427Fixed an issue with result template width counter after re-ordering fields
LMS-5449Fixed a problem preventing email being used as username when logging in
LMS-5495Fixed a login problem when using IE11
LMS-5498Rating search via Portal now allows selection of stars to perform search
LMS-5518URLs without http(s) prefix now work correctly in the portal
LMS-5562Portal action buttons now expand to show full text
LMS-5565Portal footer now sits at bottom of page 
LMS-5579Admin login prompt now does not close between moving fields.
LMS-5593Fixed OPAC security inconsistency between old OPAC and Portal
LMS-5594Fixed random error when using password reset from Portal.
LMS-5599fixed an issue with amend search when truncation is used with multiple fields & words.
LMS-5614Label now displays correctly for file fields when left aligned on search result template.
LMS-5647Globalised fields now correctly align on Portal record view.
LMS-5661Fixed an issue when paying invoice  for one virtual volume
LMS-5673Records and attachments can no longer be accessed via permalink after the record/file is deleted.
LMS-5678Related terms are now correctly included when searching via the Portal.
LMS-5690Fixed an issue with some image types displaying in the wrong orientation via the Portal.
LMS-5701Terms added to thesauri now automatically strip training spaces to avoid duplication of terms
LMS-5705Librarians no longer see locations when do not have access to when creating copies and other location specific objects.
LMS-5722Book to view requests are now correctly placed for reference only items.
LMS-5756resolved a conflict preventing UK English & US English languages being switched as the default language due to duplicated Language codes (EN)
LMS-5771Users on electronic routing lists now correctly display in the users module.
LMS-5784The Overdues button in My account now correctly loads the overdue items table.
LMS-5854Fixed issue when searching 001 type numbers or dates in all field search on Portal.
LMS-5855Copying a collection permalink now works correctly on Apple devices.
LMS-5882fixed an issue where change relation generated an error if expression fields were used.