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SettingFunctionDefault value
Allow RequestsWhether user requesting is enabled in the application or not - see Requests and ReservationsNo
Clean up user data after supply copy processingIn Supply a Copy processing a temporary user record is created. If Yes is selected for this setting, these temporary records are deleted after the request has been completed.No
Skip request delivery step for Supply a Copy requests
Hide copies quantity for Supply a copy request
Photocopy Request Copyright formAllows copyright form to be stored in the system instead (ensures custom forms are retained during upgrades.
Show all active requestsSets the Availability dropdown in Request management to All, allowing available and unavailable requests to be seen together. If set to no only Requests which are available to be completed are shown.No
Email pre-validation for overdue notificationSystem will perform additional checks on user email address before sending.No
Hide Expiry DateIf set to yes the Expiry column in Portal request page will be hidden.No
Submission Approved/Rejected by Admin CC EmailApproved and rejected submission notifications will automatically be CC'd to emails set here. Use comma separated for multiple emails.N/A