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titleNew Features

Enhancements to the Office infrastructure have been made in a number of releases, if you do not see some of the functions in your version and are intertested in using them, please contact the helpdesk and ask for an upgrade to be scheduled.

This section enables you to add and manage offices and their sub units (departments or divisions).

This page describes:


Office Group: *From the drop-down list, select either "Default" or a predefined office group
Short Code: *Unique short code. If you are displaying location field in catalogue records or search results, it is the short code that appears rather than the full Office name.
Office Name:Unique office name - the maximum number of characters is 150
Renewal Limit:

The maximum number of times that an item from a particular office may be renewed.

See Renewals for a description of the process. Set this to 0 if renewals are not to be allowed.

Complete SC request in (days):If you process Supply a Copy requests outside the application (for example if they are dealt with by a different department), this setting allows you to define a number of days after which the request will automatically get closed in the Soutron Library Management System. See Requests and Reservations (Old) for an explanation of the types of request.
Leaving Cut-Off Days: *This figure is used in calculating the Due Date, so that if this is set to 5 for example, the Due Date will be 5 days plus however many non-working days before the Leave Date.
Expected Items last days *For the display of items on order that are expected, defines the number of days before today for which items are displayed. This is best set to a large number like 365 in order for all expected items to show by default.
Expected Items next days *For the display of items on order that are expected, defines the number of days after today for which items are displayed. This is best set to a large number like 365 in order for all expected items to show by default.
Librarian e-mail for claim notificationIf using claims for any outstanding Orders, you can specify here an internal email address i.e. the library email address, so that if a supplier does not have an email adddress defined, the claim will be sent to the library so that they can then manually deal with.
Default PortalBy Default is set to System Default Portal which ensures that anyone logging in to the Portal where a portal specific name is not specified will be taken to the Portal set as Default in the OPAC Maintenance. If you have a multi office environment and want to have different portals that load based on Offfice then this is achieved using this function. Select from the drop down and a list of all Portals created will be shown and select the one that you want to load when a user logs in from the office.
CurrencySelect the currency that you want to assign to this office, this will then be used for showing the correct Currency code based when looking at fines in the Portal My Account
Library:You can either select a pre-defined library from the drop-down list, or create a new library by clicking on the Create Library button.
Default Language:From the drop-down list, select the default language for this office
Is Public: 
Local Priority:This setting determines how notes appear in catalogue records. If selected, only local notes will appear, and you would need to click on a link to see the global notes. Otherwise, both local and global notes are displayed.
Email SC request notificationIf you want a particular email address to be notified when a Supply a Copy request is received, tick this box; otherwise leave blank.
Supply copy notification recipient emailIf you have ticked the box above, enter the email address here.
Office logo:

To upload an image of the logo:

  1. Click on the red symbol
  2. Click Browse to find the image file
  3. Click Upload to bring it into the system
  4. Click on Apply and the logo will replace the red symbol
Is Default:
Tick the box if this office is the default office for this country; otherwise leave blank.
Default Credit CardIf using Acquisitions and have setup to use Credit Cards, you can assign a credit card to an office so that when placing an order from a specific office and select Credit card as payment type, the default card specified here will be shown.
My Country Location Search

Tick this box if you want the Portal to include this this office i.e. London, if the user is using an another office i.e. Manchester, that is in the same country then by default when a user is in London they will also search Manchester. The users access permission may provide access to other offices, it is just that they are not selected by default in the Portal - they have to select them manually should they wish to search them.

My Office Group Location Search

Tick this box if you want the Portal to include all offices in the same office group. This function allows offices that are spread across different countries to be part of one group. For example, London and Berlin although in different coutnries are in the same group, so users in London will also want to search Berlin. For example:

This function allows this but also requires the Office Group to be assigned to both the office and the next setting below.

Location Search Office GroupSelect from the drop down the office group you want to this office to be part of.

This setting defines the languages that are to be used by this office, and the priority in which they are to be used.

The left hand box displays the list of languages which have been enabled in the application. Select the languages you want for this office by clicking on them in the left hand box and then clicking the right arrow to move them into the right hand list.

Then define the display priority by clicking the up or down arrows.


Note that this must be defined if you are also creating sub-units (see below)