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Deleting a validation list is done using the red Delete button. If a validation list is used by a field the field must be removed before a validation list can be deleted.

Creating a new validation list


The best use for validation lists is for fields where there is likely to be a fairly static list of entries, with probably no more than 20 entries. For a greater number of entries, it may be better to create a thesaurus instead.

To create a new list:

  1. Click the New Validation List button.
  2. The following screen appears:

  3. Enter the name for the validation list, and a description (optional).


    In most cases, it is a good idea to give the list the same name as the field with which it will be associated.

  4.  Set the following options as required for your needs.
    1. Set the Active toggle to the on position.
    2. Record Type as Parent: If Selected it allows entries within the validation list to be restricted to only show in a single record type. For example you might have entries for Yes, no, Maybe. But you wish to only show the Maybe option when adding a record of a particular record type. In this case select that record type against the Maybe value to limit it's use.
    3. Parent (drop-down):
      1. If Record Type as Parent is enabled then this list shows all active record types so that they can be used to restrict entries to a particular record type.
      2. If it is disabled it shows a list of active Validation lists. The selected value then acts as a parent validation list while the one being created becomes a linked validation list.
  5. Language: Shows the entries in the selected language and allows entries to be translated into other languages. The systems default language will be selected by default and MUST be populated.
  6. Sort Values: Selecting A-Z will force the system to set the sort order in A-Z order. Using a custom order allows you to define your own order of entries by drag & dropping them into order within the table.
  7. Adding entries to the validation list is done by adding rows to the table using the green Add value button in the table header.
    1. Once a new row has been added you can enter the default text for that entry. If you need to translate the entry to another language use the language drop-down (5) to allow this.
  8. Removing rows can be done using the Delete action. All rows can be removed using the Clear button in the table header.
  9. Saving your validation list is done using the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Linking Validation Lists

Linked validation lists allows a  validation list which is set as the child to show it's values based on the selection of the parent list made my the user whilst creating a record.

For instance you might have a parent list which contains Countries (England, USA, Canada). you may then have a second list which contains Cities (London, Manchester, Toronto, New York, Houston).

In this case you would setup the Country list with normal values, then create your child list for Cities. When creating the City list you must select Country Country as the parent list. Then Then when adding your values to the grid can select the appropriate parent Country for each City.

Image Added

Now when a user creates a record and selects USA from the Country validation list field they will only see Houston and New York listed under the Cities validation list.

Editing a validation list

To edit a validation list:

  1. Click Edit next to the list name in the table.
  2. The same form opens up as for adding a new validation list.
  3. You can add more entries, edit or delete existing entries, or sort the list differently.


    If deleting an entry you will be prompted to enter your username to confirm the action. If records use this entry it will be removed from the records during the delete operation.

  4. When you have finished, click Save next to the validation list name.

This returns you to the table of validation lists, with the new list added.

Deactivating a validation list

Deactivating a validation list hides it from use within the application, although the definition remains in existence, so that it can be re-activated at any time.

To deactivate a validation list:

  1. Click on the item to highlight it
  2. Click the Active toggle next to the entry.

Activating a validation list

To activate a validation list:

  1. Click on the list to highlight it
  2. Click the Active toggle next to the entry.

Deleting a validation list


Note that you cannot delete a validation list once entries have been added to the field(s) it is associated with.

To delete a validation list:

  1. Click Delete for the list you wish to delete.
  2. The following confirmation message appears requiring you to enter your username to complete the delete operation.

  3. Click Delete to continue with the deletion.