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When you first access the system, you are a Guest user, which provides the ability to search the catalogue, but few other optionsAll logins are controlled by the System Administrator. The application might be set up to first display the Search Portal as a Guest User ( an account without login credentials which provides limited access to search the catalogue and may restrict access to certain materials).

To perform any administrative functions, you need to a log in . Any user who wants to be able to save their own searchesis required. Please refer to  Starting the Application to access Administrative functions. 

Logging in, with a User Account, where a User name and Password is applied, provides the user with Search functionality and My Account functionality. This includes facilities to Save Searches in the Search Portal, to see view their user Account account or to the facility to request material will also need to log in.Depending on your particular installation, you may be automatically identified to the system (via Single Sign On) from your normal Windows loginamongst other options.

It may be that no login is required because Single Sign On has been set up and thus the normal Windows login is sufficient.


The login area is normally at the top right of the search screen, but depending on how the Search Portal has been laid out this might differ. 

One way of presenting the login is as follows: 

Another way the login is presented is below:

Image Added

with the option presented as Sign In

To log in:

  1. Click on [login] 
  2. The login box opens:

      or the screen might be presented thus Image Added

  3. Enter your Username User Name and passwordPassword, then either press Enter or click on the Log In/Sign In button.

The Username is not case-sensitive, but the password is.


  1. Click Forgot your password? on the login form.
  2. The following form displays:

  3. Enter your Username User Name and click Submit.