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Globalisation Fields allow different information to be added into the same field for different locations based on Country OR Office OR Office Group. This makes possible local control over aspects of a catalogue record, recording details database record. Metadata specific to an Office or Country is thus controllable within a field.By default  

For clients who are working in Libraries the application is delivered with the Library Notes field has been allocated set up as a Globalisation Field in the initial system setup. An example of another field that may be used in this way is Shelf Reference.

If a catalogue record has an entry in a Globalisation Field then this will always be shown to the end userEnd User. If the record also has an entry for a particular office or country, this will be shown only to users who are in that office or country. This allows you to ensure that ensures that when the application is used across multiple sites information is seen by everyone when applicable whilst allowing local information to be shown only to those to whom it applies.


By default the Office or Country that you are logged in to a login account is associated with is shown first.

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