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A date range can be recorded. This requires the "Range Date" tick box to clicked on and the form expands to include a second date thus allowing a From date and a To date to be recorded. 

Date Description 

A range of dates date can be given a descriptor to both record the item being added to the database as belonging to a period in time, as well as allowing a search to be described by a description. This is especially useful in Archive applications where materials may "belong" to a period.

The set up of this facility is carried out using the menu: System Management >> Field Maintenancewhere . It is necessary to select the Complex Date field is to enable the Date Description option. Within the Date Field set up . There there are two settings within this set up that controls this functionalityseveral elements but two in particular are needed to effect this function 


"Period" and enabling date description will turn this facility on for use in data entryOnly when the Complex Date field type has been selected does the "Enable date description" option to appear

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