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The Welcome panel (on the left-hand side of the Administrative user's search screen is presented when using Library / Archive back office functions, such as cataloguing. 

This was at one time designated the OPAC and was commonly used for searching materials that were primarily bibliographic in nature. The Search Portal has superseded this functionality and that can be used alongside and/or in place of the OPAC search using a separate URL   in a separate web browser tab or window. 

This provides scope for different messages and links for Administrative staff who perform searches and access functions in the system. All those granted search only functions and are logged in Search users and Guest users (often referred to as End Users) should only use the  Search Portal that is configured and presented separately using the Search Portal Design Templates.

A Welcome Message for Search only users when Guest Access in System Configuration (Common settings) has been turned off. Otherwise, when the user accesses the application, only a blank white page below the normal banner and login buttons, will be displayed.

Welcome Messages for this particular function in the system are created using the Task Centre Template Maintenance facility.

To access the Welcome templates, select Modules > Task Centre > Template Maintenance.

The following screen is displayed:

This displays any templates already defined: you can limit the display to a particular Office by selecting it from the drop-down list in the Templates Filter.

From here you can:

Once the templates have been defined, they must be assigned to the relevant OPAC  defined in OPAC Maintenance.