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Note that there are no copyright acceptances pre-defined in the system


There are two steps to setting this up:
  1. Copyrights must be enabled in OPAC Maintenance
  2. The wording for the copyright notices must be created

Enable Copyrights per OPAC

First you must enable this option:

  1. Navigate to System Management > OPAC Maintenance
  2. Select Edit on the Actions menu
  3. Click on the Options tab
  4. Click Yes on the 'Enable Copyrights' option, near the bottom of the screen
  5. Click Save and Close to finish

Copyright Notice Set-up

You must then set up the copyright notices that you wish to be displayed to users. Multiple notices can be set up and assigned: for example, you may assign Copyright Notice A to attached documents, and Copyright Notice B to images.

To access this, select System Management > Security > Copyrights.

The following screen opens:

From the OPAC drop-down list, select the OPAC you wish to configure the notice for, or select the 'All OPACs' option if the same notice should apply to all OPACs.

Select New to give a name your notice: this name is displayed when the attachments are catalogued. Click Update to save the name.

When this is done, expand the new entry you have created and click New again. This will open the Rich Text Editor to allow you to create the body of your copyright notice:

Image Modified

Select the language from the top of the pop-up screen, or leave it as All Languages.

Once you are satisfied with your copyright notice, click Apply.

If necessary, you can then set the default copyright notice. Doing so will then make the notice you made be selected by default every time you upload an attachment.

Assigning a Copyright Notice

After you have configured your notices, you can then apply them to attachments. To do this, navigate to Library Functions > Cataloguing > New Catalogue Record.

While cataloguing, you will not see a drop down list for each uploaded attachment.

Only one copyright notice can be assigned to each file, but different notices may be used for different files in the same record.

Image Modified

What an End User sees

If a user now tries to download a record where a copyright notice has been applied, they will first be presented with a pop-up message detailing the copyright text you specified and will have the option to accept or cancel the request for download. They must tick the box to accept the copyright notice.

Image Modified

There is a report available via the Modules > Reports menu, which allows you to report on how many users have accepted copyright notices.