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The Auto Cat & Images tab allows you to define the settings for:

  • displaying images of book covers from Google, linking on the ISBN that has been added to the record
  • Auto Cataloguing

Book cover images

In order to display the images in the record, you also need to include the Book Cover field in the relevant record type template and search results screen.

Auto Cataloguing

Auto Cataloguing allows you to import individual records from other data sources. As well as the setting on this page, you also need to select the data source and define the mappings between the data source and the Soutron Library Management System.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

Click on the Auto Cat & Images tab to display the page as follows:

The table below explains the function of each setting. With the exception of the "Publish Imported Records" setting, they all relate to Book Cover Images.
SettingFunctionDefault value
Cover Image SizeDescribes the size of the image to be used: for GoogleSmall
Cover Image API EngineEnter GoogleAmazon
Show DetailsThis is no longer used in the application and can be ignoredYes
Publish Imported Records

Selecting No (the default) means that all imported records created using the AutoCat (Import Records) facility will not be published, so that the imported bibliographic record can be correctly validated. In this case, It will be necessary to manually assign "Publish" when cataloguing imported records.

Select Yes to automatically publish imported records.

Amazon AWS Access KeyID Depreciated DeprecatedThe Access Key ID supplied by Amazon{none}
Amazon AWS Secret KeyID Depreciated DeprecatedThe Secret Key ID supplied by Amazon{none}
Amazon Associate Tag Depreciated DeprecatedLeave this as the defaultsoutroncom-20
ISBN System Field NameThe catalogue field which is to be used to search for ISBNs on GoogleISBN
Google Cloud API KeyAPI key when using your own google API account for book covers
Google Book Cover API URLGoogle Book cover API URL & query
Alternative Book Cover FieldIf you store your own images in the database its possible to display those as the primary image source, if your own image does not exist the system will attempt to get it from google.