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Select the area of the form that is to be amended and changed, e.g. Body template and select EDIT or from the drop down list, choose a different template.  A separate tab in the Web Browser is opened and a form showing the Template Editor is displayed.


If you have multiple Portals and/or use multiple languages you may need to select the appropriate Portal/Language from the available drop downs to ensure you are editing the correct template.

This allows WYSIWYG editing to be performed  or work in HTML  directly by clicking on the Source button to switch to an HTML editor. 


Always switch to Source view before making any changes and take a copy of all HTML displayed in the window which can be stored safely until you are happy your changes have been effective. This allows you to roll-back your changes should something go wrong during editing of the template.

There are numerous possibilities to change the information and the way it is displayed to the end user, using this form. For example, different MACROS can be selected to appear in the form, so the user can view content in a particular manner without having to encode a function or data. In the example below, the macros SIMPLE_SEARCH and SAVED_SEARCH  are presented in the HTML and placed at the top of the form. Other macros could be selected and inserted at different places in the form.