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  1. In the LMS, click on Diagnostic > Diagnostic Default
  2. Click the Cold Restart button to restart the application on the server. It will prevent users accessing the application for a couple of seconds while it recycles.

Changing text on the form

When logged in as Soutron System Administrator, on all screens,  the ability to change the wording of various text strings, is available:

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Click on the A to change the wording. After you have clicked Save, close the dialogue box. It doesn’t do it by itself.

Refresh the page to see the changes.There is a tool icon at the side of the user name 

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when the icon is clicked it opens a popup window. Choose to "Show translate buttons" 

Image Added   A flag icon appears at the side of any text and when clicked opens a window to allow changes to be made for each language used in the Search Portal

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