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  1. Create or edit a catalogue record
  2. populate the catalogue record and select your classification term.

  3. Save the catalogue record. This must be done in order for the shelf reference lookup to become active. This is because once a shelf reference is assigned to a record it is marked as used, it is not possible to do this until a CID number has been generated.

  4. Find your shelf reference field and click the lookup button to open the Used & Available Numbers pop-up.

    1. If you have free numbers you can opt to use one of those using the Use button along side it.
    2. If you prefer to use the next number in the sequence click the Use button at the top of the page.

    3. If you wish to re-use a number previously used select the used option at the top of the pop-up, this will show all used numbers which you can then click the Reuse button to reassign it to this catalogue record. From here you can also remove an existing number if required. This will make the number available again, but will not remove it from any records it was originally  used in. This can be useful if you need to use the same number for multiple records.

    4. After using the Use or Reuse buttons the shelf reference will be inserted into your shelf reference field.

    5. Complete the process by saving your catalogue record.


If your record has multiple classifications assigned you can use the classification drop down at the top of the pop-up to select the rule for the shelf reference you wish to use.

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