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If you would like users to self-register for use on your system you can enable the option in OPAC maintenance via the library interface. You will find the option near the bottom of the Options tab.

Once set to Yes an option will appear below the login area on your portal.

On clicking the register link a form will appear for the users to complete.

Email will be used to notify users of things such as overdue items but more importantly will become their username for the system.

First Name and Surname are also required to identify the individual.

Password is required to allow the user to login, the complexity of the password can be controlled in System Configuration Maintenance. The eye icon can be used to display the password in clear text.

Terms of service text can be customised via Resource String Translations.

The tick box requesting the user to accept the terms of service is recorded in the database so it can be tracked when a user accepted the terms, the link can also be set via System configuration maintenance.

reCAPTCHA is required to verify the user is real and the site is not being misused, this can be disabled if required via System Configuration Maintenance

Once a user has registered they will receive an email asking them to verify their account, they . They will then be able to login.

An email is also sent to the library to allow them to complete any setup of the suers users account. A default access permission will be set base don based on the system default, but it is advisable to check this to ensure the suer user registering has the correct access level.

Both email emails can be configured via templates maintenance.