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To create a new menu option click the  button at the top of the menu management page. This will open the Menu option editor. The settings here are the same as you will find on the edit pop-up.



System Name - This name will be used if no localized name is provided.


Display Name - Name of the menu that is displayed to users. This name can be localized by selecting a different language from the drop-down on the right.

URL - This sets the URL where the menu link will take the user, this can be a link within Soutron Admin, LMS, Portal, a saved search URL, or an external link. It must start with HTTP:// or HTTPS://. you can also use the drop down to the right to define how the link is opened, i.e in a new window or in the same window.

The URL value also supports linking to a modal pop up. This is done by including the modal ID in the URL field, including the hash symbol. i.e. #examplemodalcenter

Visibility of menu options



All four options (Portal, Office, Role, Permissions) are combined to define a users access to a menu option.

i.e if they have the correct role but are in an office that is not enabled to see the menu option they will not see it.