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Important Change to the API

As of 4.1.1 it is no longer possible to user userid=1 parameter with in your queries. Other userid values continue to be valid.


Please remember to clear your browser cache before using the system after the upgrade, see here for more information.


4.1.3 (xx)

titleRelease Date

March 2019

New Feature


Field groups for search results
New portal search result grid & custom views.
Portal META and Title tags can now be configured to improve SEO ratings
Admin and portal now use same notification message style.


LMS-3928Portal now ignores spacing between characters such as : when sorting
LMS-4613Cursor now starts in all fields search box once portal is opened.
LMS-4730Fields included in overdue items list in overdue emails can now be configured
LMS-4763Admin and portal now use same notification message style.
LMS-4765Improved efficiency of Soutron Task Service
LMS-4791Import now supports multiple URL's in XML with different URL descriptions.
LMS-4818Added CSS for active menu when using Horizontal menu macro on the portal.
LMS-4820Improved consistency for date selectors in portal and admin
LMS-4825Rich text pop-up in catalogue edit can now only be closed using the close button
LMS-4763Admin and portal now use same notification message style.

Bug Fixes


LMS-4510Incremental fields now display correctly in portal records
LMS-4688Fixed an error unlocking user accounts when user has a role
LMS-4693Cancelling a standard order that has paid Invoice/Credit notes now correctly shows the invoice button
LMS-4713Issue Records being returned incorrectly based on option in opac maintenance
LMS-4723Fixed a problem placing an order where expected payment date is not allowed
LMS-4725Issue records are now excluded from last record created date statistic
LMS-4726Fixed an error with boolean phrase searching in LMS
LMS-4727Incorrect Order Status for Virtual No Copies with no check-in 
LMS-4731Amendment tree now excludes issues not yet received
LMS-4744Cancelled PAYG issues and Encumbered budgets now update correctly
LMS-4748Fixed an issue saving Requester to a placed order
LMS-4750Thesaurus lookup (in portal) now excludes deleted terms
LMS-4751Available locations macro now correctly updates once a user logs in
LMS-4753Fixed timeout when using merge function in thesaurus where a lot of terms are used.
LMS-4764Suppliers with special characters no longer break filters on check-in and order page.
LMS-4781Fixed a problem saving new users when no new user notification template was setup
LMS-4796Cancelled issues are now not shown for records in the LMS
LMS-4799Fix for completed order status not updating correctly
LMS-4802Image protection task now inherits system from email address as the to email by default
LMS-4805Fixed an error when changing circa date range in system management
LMS-4806Requester details in portal request page no longer has mandatory address fields.
LMS-4811Fixed a problem which made imports fail if an attribute is first mapped field
LMS-4812User Anonymisation now includes options for imported users.
LMS-4823Claim flags now set correctly when enabling claims for an order after its been placed.
LMS-4831Publish flag is now set correctly when publishing a child record that was unpublished before it was made a child