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titleWelcome to the Soutron Help Guide. For detailed instruction please call the Help Desk

This Help Guide is continually being updated. Where very new features have been added or a feature enhanced, documentation may yet to be created. Our apologies where this happens. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and suggestions, comments and questions are encouraged. Please email Soutron Support.

This Help Guide provides step-by-step guidance primarily for Administrative Staff who use the Soutron system. It is designed to be a fully web-based database application based on the Microsoft SQL platform and industry-standard web technologies for use by information management professionals.

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titleNew Features

This guide includes some options which may only be available in the latest release of Soutron. If you do not see an option in your system please contact the Help Desk to arrange an upgrade.

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Help Guide style conventions

The following conventions have been used throughout the Help Guide:

  • text in italics - refers to the area of System Management relevant to the topic
  • text in bold within a sentence - refers to a clickable link or button in the application
  • text in bold red - refers to a menu option in the application
  • linked text - takes you to a related area for more details

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