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Important: New Licence key is required as of 4.1.4

A Licence file must be obtained prior to upgrading if Soutron is self-hosted.

Soutron hosted clients will have the licence updated at time of upgrade automatically.

Important: As of 4.1.5 IE11 will no longer be supported.

Due to limitations within older browsers IE11 will no longer be actively supported when using Soutron applications. The software will continue to be accessible via IE11 but Soutron will not actively fix known issues found with this version of web browser instead we recommend the use of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge instead.

Important: API Changes

With the introduction of a feature rich API in 4.1.5 we will no longer add additional functionality or improvements to the old web service API. This will continue to be supported for a further two years as of the 4.1.5 release date for critical bug fixes only. It is strongly advised you make plans to switch to our new API as soon as possible. 

Important: Content & Location filters are no longer supported above the search results table.

This is due to the macros being merged within the facet search filters macro which must be placed on either side of the results table.

Important: Locations (copy management) menu in the library application has been renamed to Manage Items.

This is part of our ongoing plan to standardise wording and terminology as we re-engineer the application.  

Optional Customer Actions:

  1. Configure facet search filter macro. This can be done by editing the default macro located under System & database settings > Database settings > Faceted Search Templates in the admin application.
  2. Add the PDF viewer macro ( [FILE_VIEWER] ) to your Record View page body template. 


4.1.6 (37)

Release Date

October 2021

Please remember to clear your browser cache before using the system after the upgrade, see here for more information.

New Feature    

LMS-1817Facet filtering of search results.
LMS-5327Embedded PDF Viewer for documents stored in Soutron.
LMS-5503It's now possible to change the name of Submitted documents.
LMS-5735First phase of new catalogue entry form, with ability to switch between new and old interface for record editing.
LMS-5875Submitters can now upload new versions during review step.
LMS-5877New email notification for delegator for a review once marked as complete. 
LMS-5878Added email notification settings option to My account (Currently only used for submission notifications).
LMS-5938Validation list maintenance has been migrated to the Admin application.
LMS-5941It is now possible to access validation list settings from the field settings page.
LMS-5942It is now possible to configure linked validation lists where child list values are dependant on the parent value selected.
LMS-6079Added JavaScript enumerations download file for 3rd Party developers using API.
LMS-6032New rich text editor is now used throughout the Admin and Portal parts of the system.
LMS-6039The New Loan page in Admin application now shows an alert during loan process if users notes field contains data.
LMS-6096Entries in a validation list can now be set as record type specific.


LMS-910It is now possible to delete entries from a validation list even if it is used by records. Doing so will remove the value from records. You will be prompted to enter a username for confirmation of the action.
LMS-5501Reviewer delegation can now be assigned to an existing Informed User.
LMS-5811Using facet filters you can now exclude records with no copies from Portal results.
LMS-5864New pending publication workflow status for EUS.
LMS-5865Submission EUSRecordTable now shows all applicable fields in table.
LMS-5871The Submission OOO task is now disabled by default.
LMS-5881Improvements to final document functionality.
LMS-5898Assigning admin user to EUS Admin notification.
LMS-5903Send Requests now show address as hover in request maintenance.
LMS-5926Enable Expression override in submission metadata page.
LMS-5931Portal and Admin applications changed to use Roboto font by default.
LMS-5933EUS reviews table in My Account - Active Reviews.
LMS-5934Copy Notes can now be displayed in the Portal copy grid (for roled users only).
LMS-5936ASP.NET info has been removed from server response headers.
LMS-5943Submission record statuses have been added as resource strings.
LMS-5946Portal & Admin toast notifications now display for longer.
LMS-5949Submission notifications now send via the portal the submission belongs to, ensuring links are intact.
LMS-5960Ability to change book to view request date and loan date on the active/awaiting collection tabs respectively.
LMS-5962Ability to change request priority and cancel if admin is not in the controlling office.
LMS-5974New resource string entry for when submission document  is too large.
LMS-5975New Resource String entry for black reviewer comments processed button pop up.
LMS-5979My account: Renew function button improvements.
LMS-5980Syndetics Unbound record sync now only includes published and non-deleted records. (SP updated)
LMS-5981API now correctly shows the loan due date and copy status when using the copies method.
LMS-5983Added portal request address and phone translations.
LMS-5986It is now possible to edit the received date in Check in receipts.
LMS-6003Improvements to field and record type maintenance where field localisations have been applied.
LMS-6010Overdue notices are now based on the day rather than specific time of issue.
LMS-6012Submission: Inform user can now check-out documents if the option is enabled.
LMS-6013Prevent Document from being added to the "File" field when status changes to "Pending external publication".
LMS-6017New option to allow two submission notifications to be always Cc'd to one or more email addresses.
LMS-6018Portal Results: Image pop-up quality improvements.
LMS-6022Unpublished records now redirect to not found page if the current user does not have access.
LMS-6023Mandatory fields can now be set for submission & standard records independently.
LMS-6031No records found message text updated.
LMS-6033Inactive record types no longer display in Submission create menu.
LMS-6041Improvements to file permission verification during download.
LMS-6076Collections menu in library application now redirects to collections page in the portal application.
LMS-6077New resource string for informational message when a reviewer who is also a rolled user is approving submissions.
LMS-6078Submission document version table now only shows if image or file type fields are included in the record type.
LMS-6095Performance improvements to combined word & relevance rank calculation tasks.
LMS-6055CORS headers can now be set for the API when developers are using cross domain resources.

Bug Fixes

LMS-5240Content and record type filter error on search results.
LMS-5374Title search not working in My Account > My Submissions.
LMS-5392Images added to submission rich text fields can now be re-sized.
LMS-5588Assigning subject terms in one field based on mapping of another.
LMS-5616Admin application now shows diagnostic information via 'i' icon in page footer.
LMS-5676Upgraded application to latest .NET core.
LMS-5775Portal search now correctly excludes issue records unless the toggle is selected on the advanced search.
LMS-5840Non-Public field available to guest user.
LMS-5873Cancel multiple requests - page refresh issue.
LMS-5900Enquire function error when assigning Portal Resource String.
LMS-5902Cannot complete request due to address errors.
LMS-5910Submission notifications failed to send unless SSL is disabled.
LMS-5911Searching for users in EUS is not working for Non roled users.
LMS-5912Submission emails not being sent in language of portal being used.
LMS-5914Edit link function in EUS notifications now works.
LMS-5915Key value is no longer overwritten when multi entry during document imports.
LMS-5916Clicking a file uploaded to invoice opens on top of application.
LMS-5918Line break added to EUS metadata is generating error.
LMS-5919Expiry submissions email were being sent every 5 minutes.
LMS-5922Date localisation LMS after selecting from date field.
LMS-5923URLs not working in rich text field in submission.
LMS-5924Roled user is not seeing all fields in submission page despite function being enabled.
LMS-5925Providing default option for rich text field in new EUS metadata to show source by default.
LMS-5927Portal record tree loading/active node issue.
LMS-5929Clicking on a PDF in EUS view mode is opening on top of the application.
LMS-5935Basic EUS Licence - Problems saving metadata have been fixed.
LMS-5937Data entered into rich text field is now correctly saved.
LMS-5939Invoice preview was showing whole sub period not date period paid.
LMS-5940Costs description field not saving in a subscription order line.
LMS-5945Intermittent problems accessing submissions for end users.
LMS-5948End user can edit a submission metadata when status is approval workflow finished for a basic submission.
LMS-5950Reviewers lose access to submission when status is new external publication.
LMS-5951Removing text from resource strings from a specific portal or language generates red error.
LMS-5952Saving a submission when status is pending external publication is generating red error.
LMS-5953Uploading more than one document into a submission generates red error.
LMS-5954Book covers not returning on portal results page.
LMS-5955Fixed a few issues with portal password reset.
LMS-5956Unapproving a submission where pending external publication is enabled.
LMS-5957Red error when user tries to drop in two docs when only one doc exists when awaiting submitter review.
LMS-5959Admin gets error about no documents in mandatory field when status is awaiting admin approval.
LMS-5961Cannot export validation list values via XML export report.
LMS-5963Advanced search returns no records if the default search field template is changed or removed.
LMS-5966Fixed an issue with 'Show local office only' option for rolled users.
LMS-5967User search suggestion not working in EUS.
LMS-5968Logging out of portal generates an error.
LMS-5972Reviewer cannot edit metadata as still locked to submitter.
LMS-5973Cannot edit a comment in a submission.
LMS-5982Fixed a problem when removing related terms from thesauri.
LMS-5984Reactivate request doesn't move it to active requests.
LMS-5987Citation Field in search results not clickable.
LMS-5988Check-in documents text - add to resource strings and change text.
LMS-5989Pop-up comment box appears when clicking black process comment when comment has been added.
LMS-5990Error when deleting a submission.
LMS-5991Error when clicking on Google preview icon in Portal.
LMS-5992Administrators cannot override and approve a submission where status is awaiting review.
LMS-5995Request sending/collecting option is now correctly enabled/disabled based on Portal settings.
LMS-5997Notification to submitter not being sent when last reviewer has approved AND when administrator approves & other notification problems.
LMS-5998Expiry date of submission was not being correctly set.
LMS-5999OfficeID not stored when deleting a copy record. Affected reporting capabilities.
LMS-6000Tree not loading correct record after initial loading.
LMS-6001Self Issue - is returning users who have left.
LMS-6002New Pop up message for when user partially checks out documents.
LMS-6004Unreceiving an issue that has transactions on it is not removing it from catalogue record.
LMS-6008New rich text field in submissions - not allowing text mask on URL entered.
LMS-6016Editing issues on check-in is not updating catalogue expected Issue table.
LMS-6019Amendment of a submission report.
LMS-6024Delegated submitter cannot finish review.
LMS-6025Copy table now correctly shows in order preview.
LMS-6026Portal sorting not working correctly.
LMS-6037Pop up not appearing for submitter or delegated submitter when have not downloaded document for processing reviewing comments.
LMS-6040Collections widget was showing incorrect icons to guest users.
LMS-6044Resolved an error when performing global edits on a globalized field.
LMS-6047Roled user who is assigned as a reviewer cannot change another user to Inform.
LMS-6048Fixed a problem with amend search pop-up not retaining values.
LMS-6054Problem with tree view in portal loading correct record in context.
LMS-6058Resolved an issue when paying an invoice which has a cost less than the order value.
LMS-6059Removed invalid gif image reference in portal.
LMS-6061Sublocation is now correctly sorted when used in report parameters.
LMS-6063Corrected invalid parameters used in API suggest calls via portal & admin applications.
LMS-6064Fixed single record result issue when used via API.
LMS-6066Field type is now correctly set when copying a record type.
LMS-6070Fixed an issue preventing admins from unapproving submissions.
LMS-6081Fixed the date filter in My account: search history.
LMS-6084Corrected some field specific settings where see-also can/cannot be used.
LMS-6087Top level terms now correctly display when they are also added to a category.
LMS-6091Saved searches now correctly only return published records when created via the portal.
LMS-6101Several fixes to amend search and save search displays when saving a search.