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GET /catalogues/collections

Description: Get list of available collections.

privateOnlyprivateOnly=trueReturn only collections which are private. False returns all available collections based on access permission. Accepted values are:True(1) or False(0)



Return only collections where records exist. CID's can be passed individually or as a comma separated string.

Request: /SoutronAPI/catalogues/collections

<CollectionListResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
			<Description i:nil="true"/>
			<Name>Hydro Power </Name>
			<Description i:nil="true"/>
			<Description i:nil="true"/>

GET /catalogues/collections/{CollectionID}

Description: Get Catalogue records for selected Collection.




CollectionID=18Return records for selected collection.
read-content-typeread-content-type=Printed MaterialContent type identifier or caption to read records from.

content-record-type=Printed Material:Books

Content/record type pairs to filter search result, use name or ID. check multiple pairs

  • sorting=Title:Ascending
  • sorting=Title:0:WithNoiseWords
  • sort=Title:Ascending:WithNoiseWords;Publication Date:Descending;24:Ascending

By default the search result template sorting rules applied. Sort field can be by name or ID.

Sort direction uses Ascending (0) or Descending (1) when added after field name. Ascending is the default.

To sort without noise words (a,the..) being used add :WithNoiseWords (0) after sort direction. Or  :WithoutNoiseWords (1) to include noise words in the sort order. WithNoiseWords is the default.

Sorting by multiple fields can be done separating each sort using semi-colon ( ; ).


Search result view name to use to get list of fields to be returned. Citation (or 1), Thumbnail (or 2), GridView (or 3)

Highest priority is an exact match for Portal, app mode (definition is if user is a guest, logged in user or administrator) and content type, if not all three are matched then the below priority order is used.

  1. Match by app mode, portal. Content Type = NULL
  2. Match by app mode, portal = NULL, Content Type match
  3. Match by app mode, portal = null, ct = null
  4. App mode = null, portal match, CT match
  5. App mode = null, portal match, CT = null
  6. app mode = null, portal null, CT match
  7. app mode = null, portal null, CT = null

Result Groups are not included in API result-view, it is expected that these can be generated manually via the API if required.

pagepage=2 Search result page number to return records from. First page number is 1.
page-sizepage-size=100Amount of records to return per each page.
langlang=2057Language name or LCID code to use to search records and return language dependent data in the data records.
read-fieldsread-fields=Title,11,AuthorsComma separated list of fields to return in the search result. The field can be it's caption or unique identifier.
officeoffice=1Office name or ID to use for search data (affects search permission)
portalportal=1Portal name or ID to use for search data (affects search permission)
name-standardname-standard=risField captions naming standard to use
xmlTypexmlType=1The way of XML response format. Supported values are AttributeBase (0) or ElementBase (1). The default is attribute based.

Request: /SoutronAPI/catalogues/collections/18?read-content-type=1&content-record-type=1&sort=Title&result-view=citation&page=1&page-size=5&lang=2057&read-fields=Title&office=1&portal=1

<response searchTime="3" sortTime="3" requestTime="150.5412">
	<resultInfo searchId="0">
			<contentType caption="All" count="7" seq="0"/>
			<contentType id="3" caption="Serial" count="6" seq="1"/>
			<contentType id="1" caption="Printed Material" count="1" seq="2" current="1"/>
			<recordType id="1" caption="Books" count="4"/>
			<recordType id="6" caption="Serial" count="3"/>
		<record id="405380" type="10" subType="1" rt="1" rtCaption="Books" ct="1" ctCaption="Printed Material" deleted="0" published="1">
				<f id="138" type="3" caption="Simple Date">
						<v id="403161" seq="1" custom="0" startYear="2019" startMonth="3" startDay="5" startTime="10815" endYear="2019" endMonth="3" endDay="27" endTime="0" circa="0" ongoing="0" noDate="0"/>
				<f id="9" type="1" caption="Title">
						<v id="2561283" seq="1" custom="0">test123</v>
				<f id="14" type="5" caption="Authors">
						<v id="2320866" seq="1" custom="1" value="80575">A S Balasubramaniam</v>
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