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The Welcome Page tab allows you to assign previously defined Welcome Messages to the OPAC. Welcome Messages are designed in Template Maintenance.

When you click on the Welcome Page tab, the page displays as follows:


This lists the possible welcome messages for Administrative Staff, End Users who have a login (OPAC), Guest Users (OPAC Guest - those without a login but are allowed to Search the database) and "Guest Access Denied" (those who cannot search the database without a login) for each active language.

Selecting a Welcome Page

To select a Welcome Page for a given group, click Select.

The following screen opens:

Either select an existing template or create a new one.

  1. Tick the box next to the template to use, then click Select template in the Actions menu.
  2. The original screen is displayed, with the selected template(s) listed.

Repeat this process for each welcome message.

Completing the process

When finished, click Save in the Actions menu, or Save and Close to return to the list of OPACs.

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