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The Basket function enables records to be gathered from a number of separate searches into one place so that they can be reviewed, exported to print, file or email, or requested from the Library.

Note that records only stay in the basket for the duration of the logged in session - to keep track of records for longer, the Collections (old) function can be used.

The word "Basket" and all its associated messages can be changed in System Management (Resource String Translations).


The Basket is automatically available to library staff - for OPAC users, whether it is available or not is determined in Access Permissions.

Actions Menu

The following actions are available:

  • Close: return to the search results screen
  • View selected records: to view the selected records in the Full Record screen
  • Export: to export the selected records to print, email or file
  • Request: to request the selected items from the Library
  • Remove from Basket: to remove selected items only from Basket
  • Empty Basket: to empty all items from the Basket


Adding items to the Basket

From the search results screen or the full record display, to add items to the Basket, select the records then click Add to Basket in the Actions menu.

The Basket menu now changes to display the number of items in the basket, and includes an option to empty the Basket:

You can continue to perform new searches and add items to the Basket as you go.

Viewing the Basket

When you have finished adding items to the Basket, click View Basket in the Actions menu.

The list of items in the Basket is displayed, along with the available actions:

Selecting records

All the items are ticked (selected) by default: un-tick any you do not wish to process.

Select records in the Basket by:

  • in the Selections menu, clicking Select All in Content Type, to select all records of the Content Type being viewed, including multi-page results for that Content Type
  • in the Selections menu, clicking Select page to select all records on the current page being viewed

To undo your selection, click Clear selection from the Selections menu.


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