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The Users module allows you to create and manage user records, user groups and user profiles.
User records need to be set up before any loans activity can take place and in order to control access to various aspects of the system. User Groups need to be set up before fines can be applied.

To access user records, select Modules > Users.

There are three broad categories of user in the system:

GuestUsers of the Search Portal (or OPAC) who do not log in and therefore have access to fewer facilities
OPAC logged inUser of the Search Portal (or OPAC) who log in and have access to facilities such as self-issue, My Account (old), Requests, etc
Library staffAdministrative users of the system, who have a role. They have access to various admin functions depending on their role and access permissions.

It is also possible to set up temporary borrowers as part of the loans process.

The Users module covers the following areas:

Experiencing problems with managing user records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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