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User Groups are used to manage which fines (if any) are applied to which users, so that you can apply a fine to a group of users rather than individually. A typical scenario might be to define:

  • "standard" users who pay the standard fines
  • a group of users who pay higher fines
  • a group of users who pay no fines

More complex situations may include users who pay differing levels of fines on different Content or Record Types.


If a user is assigned to more than one User Group which have different fine rates assigned, the Use min fine setting in System Configuration Maintenance (Common settings) determines whether or not the fine will be calculated as for the lowest fine rate.


Eventually the User Groups function will be enhanced to manage functional access to different parts of the application. 


Ideally the fines should be set up before setting up User Groups, otherwise the User Group definition will need to be edited later.



This page describes:



To access User Group Maintenance, select Modules > Users > User Group Maintenance. 

The following screen appears:


Creating a User Group

To create a User Group, click Create in the Actions menu.

A new screen opens:


Define the User Group as follows:


NameEnter a name for the User Group, eg "Standard Users"
DescriptionOptionally, enter a description - this could be useful for explaining more about the grouping
How to apply fine

Select an option from:

  • Not applied - fines are not applied to users in this group
  • Inherited - this option can be ignored for now
  • Override - allows you to select one of the Fines Groups from the drop-down list
Fine categoryIf you have selected Override above, select a Fines Group from the drop-down list
Child groups 
Default profile for the new usersSelect a profile from the drop-down list, to apply the settings from that profile to all new members of the User Group



Finishing the process

When you have finished click Save in the Actions menu, then Close to return to the main User Group Maintenance screen, with the new User Group displayed:

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Editing a User Group

To edit a User Group, click Edit next to the item.

The same form opens up as for adding a new User Group.

Make the required changes then click Save then Close in the Actions menu.

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Deleting a User Group

You can delete a User Group as long as it has not been assigned to any users.

To delete a User Group, click Delete next to the item.


There is no warning message before the User Group is deleted.


The list of User Groups is re-displayed, with the deleted entry no longer appearing.

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Experiencing problems with managing user records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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