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Throughout the application, local descriptions of functions and text descriptions might need to be changed to reflect local needs. This is achieved by use of the Translations menu which presents a list of text descriptions that can be changed to meet a specific need.

To use the Field Maintenance function, select System & Database Settings > Database Settings > Translations from the top menu in the Admin application.

This same function can also be selected using the original menu system

System Management > Database Configuration > Field Maintenance

Upon selection of the Translations menu, the form presented comprises two tabs:

General Translations apply to text and descriptions found throughout the application (Library, Admin, Portal).

Record Type Translations at present only apply to Document Review enabled record types. 

The General Translations menu lists each Key Description in A – Z order with the facility to search and filter by entering a few characters into the text description.
English Language is the default but other languages that have been configured for use in the system can be selected for editing.
To make a change select Edit for the Key to change.
The form highlights the entry and offers the facility to enter a new text description to replace the one currently in place and to Save (or cancel any change made).

If necessary, the terminology can be applied to all Search Portals or one specific Search Portal, and can be set per enabled language.
When complete click Save and the change is immediate.

Record Type Translations are specifically for the use of the Document Review option, guiding users who are submitting documents or records into the system. Making changes to these descriptions are the same as for General Translations except rich text is permitted for most for these values.

If rich text is allowed it will be identifiable via a small icon . A rich text editor will then be displayed.

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